Leverage machine learning on your iPhone to translate Braille with this free app

If you’ve ever thought about learning Braille or just wanted to quickly translate something written in UEB on your iPhone, there’s a new app that can help.

Software engineer Aaron Stephenson started learning braille a few years ago. To put his knowledge into practice, he created an application using CoreML and Vision to find braille. Now he just released an app that can translate Braille (and more) using just your iPhone.

Braille Scanner lets users take a picture of a piece of paper with Braille on it using their iPhone, then within seconds it’s translated into text.

The developer explains his intention behind the project and also the limitations so far:

Braille Scanner was created to help transcribe braille into text. It uses a combination of machine learning and vision to do this. The current transcription model uses Unified English Braille, Level 1, and I plan to add more in future app updates.

Here are the main features of Braille Scanner for iPhone users:

  • Automatic document scanning;
  • Braille translation using Unified English Braile (UEB), Level 1;
  • Braille/text to speech;
  • Export translated text;
  • Export Braille characters;
  • Seventeen different application icons.

Since the app was just launched, the developer asks for feedback if users find mistranslated braille, so it can create a more accurate machine learning model.

Braille scanner requires iOS 14.7 or later. It is free to download and you can find it here on the App Store.

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