Letter: Thankful for assistance of Tulsa International Airport employees | Letters to the Editor

We came to Tulsa International Airport after a long day of flying from Orlando, Florida, starting with getting up at 2:30 a.m. to get to our flight.

We were on Southwest Airlines. We are both disabled and my husband is a veteran.

I am writing to let northeastern Oklahoma know what great personnel they have at the airport.

Two young men met us as we landed with wheelchairs. They took us to baggage claim and asked us if we needed help with our luggage. They took us to the parking garage where we could not find our car. They wheeled us and our luggage around, looking for our car.

We finally ended up at the baggage information desk where we met Loretta. She called around and a sweet lady arrived, and I went with her. I explained where I thought we left the car, and she drove right to it. She had me follow her back to where my husband was.

A man there brought out our luggage. Loretta came out to see if we were OK. What good, helpful people!

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