Laminar abandons stealth and raises $32 million for data security

Aided by two ex-Israel Intelligence Corps agents, Laminar is the latest product of the Israeli cybersecurity scene.

Laminar burst out of stealth mode with $32 million Series A funding round to deliver cloud data security products.

The Israel-based company has raised $5 million in stealth, but is now officially joining the fray, after it struck a chord with AI endpoint security firm SentinelOne, Insight Partners, TLV Partners and Meron Capital.

The new funding is intended to build Laminar’s software engineering team, recruit a range of new hires and enable its go-to-market strategy.

“Data and APIs are critical to the functioning of today’s digital society,” said Tomer Weingarten, chief executive at SentinelOne. “Securing data wherever it resides is the foundation of our Singularity XDR platform. We see Laminar’s approach as complementary in helping our customers secure data in a cloud-first world.”

Achieving visibility in the clouds

IoT data security can include: undermined not only by fragile on-device security protocols, but also by problematic edge-to-cloud environments, which expose sensitive information and risk violating a company’s privacy policy.

By enabling companies to discover, classify and protect what data is held remotely, the Laminar platform is designed to highlight all exit channels that transmit information externally.

The technology is designed using an agentless approach, which means that data is collected without installing additional software on each target computer.

Alternatives to the product typically require agent installations or else filter all data traffic through proxy servers, adding further complexity, Legacy says.

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