Kylie Jenner’s Nipple Bikini Just Shocked Instagram

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Let me set the scene. You’re scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the work day (don’t lie, we all do this) instead of drafting an email and suddenly something NSFW (not safe for work) pops up on your timeline: Kylie Jenner’s nipple bikini. You see boobs—no, not just boobs, nipples (!) There’s a pair of nipples at the top of your Instagram feed and they belong to Kylie Jenner. Or do they? 

In what I can only assume was a strong attempt to break the internet, Kylie Jenner posted a low-angled selfie in a nipple-printed bikini. The photo is appropriately captioned with a simple statement, “free the nipple”. In this case, it seems like Kylie Jenner knows that actions speak louder than words. Within the first hour of the photo being posted, it already racked up over three million likes with comments from celebrities saying “Free them!” in agreement. 

Now before you start to wonder when Instagram started openly allowing nude photos on its app (it doesn’t), let me clarify that Kylie Jenner did not actually post a picture of her real nipples. She’s wearing the “naked bikini” which gives the illusion of a naked body and slides past the nipple-baring double-standard society has placed on women. As I double tapped the post, I couldn’t help but laugh at how ironic it is that you can wear a nipple-look-alike swimsuit on top of actual nipples but would be flagged for posting the real thing. I digress—back to the swimsuit. 

STYLECASTER | Kylie Jenner Nipple Bikini

Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier.

The scandalous bikini is a part of Jena Paul Gaultier’s collaboration with stylist and designer Lotta Volkova. The design collaboration includes nipple-baring bikinis in a range of skin tones, naked print dresses and bodysuits. I like to think of this iteration of naked apparel as the elevated high-fashion version of the oversized “bikini body” t-shirts that are sold in tourist shops on vacation. 

Kylie Jenner honestly didn’t need to add any accessories to the look because there’s a slim chance anyone would notice them. However, the Instagram queen always delivers and completed the look with sporty black Prada shield sunglasses and silver earrings. 

Since Kylie Jenner is the OG influencer, I’m predicting that the naked bikini will sell out quickly. I’ve already scoured the internet for the suit and was able to find some in stock on SSense’s website.

STYLECASTER | Kylie Jenner Nipple Bikini

Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Brown Lotta Volkova Edition ‘The Naked’ Bikini

As expected, the bikini is a bit pricey at $325 for the set but it is an opportunity to jump in on what will most likely become a cultural moment. 

STYLECASTER | Kylie Jenner Nipple Bikini

Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Beige Lotta Volkova Edition ‘The Naked’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you’re looking to bring shock value to your everyday life instead of just on the beach, you could always opt for the Jean Paul Gaultier long sleeve t-shirt—you’ll still be nipple twins with Kylie Jenner. 

And of course, you don’t need to buy anything to get in on the trending “free the nipple” movement because you most likely have your own pair to rock already.

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