Korean Pavilion – KOCCA, presents new content from Korean companies exclusive to DEAL

  • Content includes education and entertainment in 3D virtual reality

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The content industry in the Republic of Korea has become one of the most popular in the world in recent years. The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, refers to the rise in global popularity of Korean culture as early as the 1990s. In the past few years alone, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of their film and entertainment industries. music, with social media being at the forefront of marketing and spreading viral material around the world.

Korean creative content agency – KOCCA, is one of the main factors behind the growing recognition of Korean content and is looking to expand into this market in the MENA region, specifically starting with Dubai.

Established in 2009 by combining five related organizations, KOCCA is a government agency that oversees and coordinates the promotion of the Korean content industry. The Korean government continues to be a strong supporter of this industry which generates a total turnover of more than 100 billion dollars per year since 2019. The Korean film even had a huge impact in 2020 by winning the Oscar of the best film with the film Parasite. , the first-ever non-English film to win the award, and K-Pop music has entered the international music charts everywhere with nearly $6 billion in annual revenue.

Content plays a crucial role in driving business and solidifying your position as the desired destination for customers, whether for entertainment or education. KOCCA highlighted its importance in the UAE this year by participating for the first time in the 28th annual Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Exhibition – DEAL 2022, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Representing the entire Korean pavilion at DEAL, KOCCA showcased various content from seven well-known Korean companies in the UAE and MENA markets, displaying various virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality content through games, educational entertainment and interactive screens.

After expanding into regional markets in Asia, KOCCA has now expanded to eight offices around the world, including Europe and North America, in hopes of making Dubai its new regional headquarters. MENA. KOCCA supported these companies by providing the Korean Pavilion exhibition for them to attend and showcase their products and content while helping them properly plan and prepare their visit to Dubai.

His Excellency LEE Seok-gu, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Arab Emirates, visited the Korean pavilion at DEAL and praised KOCCA for its steadfastness in supporting the content industry and private enterprises. Her Excellency visited the exhibition and admired the latest Korean technologies in the field of virtual reality, 3D interactive software and the innovative use of holographic imagery which gives realistic experiences. After touring the exhibition and speaking with the participants, His Excellency emphasized the great importance of these events when it comes to maintaining a strong relationship between the UAE and Korea.

Oh, Hyun Jeon, Senior Manager of KOCCA’s Global Business Division, said, “We were very excited for the Korean Pavilion to showcase its content in DEAL this year. It is very important to us that these companies present their content to the world, and it makes us very happy to see the engagement with different audiences in this region. We see Dubai as an international city that is important for us to develop and hopefully establish an office here as we believe it is the best suited city to start in the MENA region.

She continued, “KOCCA is a government agency that cares about Korean content companies and that’s why we’re here, to show them our support and help them grow their business in this region. We have received several leads on trade deals from public and private companies in the UAE and other Gulf States like Saudi Arabia, and we are just thrilled to see the overwhelming interaction from everyone here.

Koo, Kyoung Bon, Director of Immersive Content Promotion Team at KOCCA, said, “I believe this participation in Korea Pavilion DEAL 2022 is a good opportunity for Korea’s excellent immersive content companies to build mutual partnerships with buyers from the MENA region and to create synergy.” The immersive content market in this region has strong growth potential, and we plan to establish a close cooperation system with local businesses.

The 7 companies of the Korean pavilion


Combining motion graphics and holograms, LIVE K hosts its own metaverse with many locations around the world and uses hologram multimedia performance technology to restore ancient traditional history. With LIVE K, users can be anywhere in the world and find themselves at the park, at a concert, or even at an iconic international landmark to enjoy each other’s company.

LIVE K has also made it special where hologram technology can be used in your home, giving you an out of this world 3D experience.


As a producer of broadcast programs, online streaming productions and virtual reality content, J Wonder also specializes in security and travel content. J Wonder introduced a groundbreaking new series show featuring well-known Korean celebrities like members of K-Pop music group sensation BTS, where the series lets users choose how the storyline plays out throughout. program, by choosing different options displayed on the screen.

J Wonder also featured interactive safety content, where in an interactive learning program, he teaches children what to do in case of an emergency like an accident or fire, emphasizing the importance of education. of our families.


In order to show the beauty of underwater life, Mangrove presented an extraordinary video capture of ocean life thanks to a virtual reality system that allows you to see the details in every curve and color.

Corals, tropical fish, sea turtles and underwater environments are filmed using vivid 3D VR cameras to deliver the most realistic underwater adventure, where users experience it through virtual reality .


Emphasizing the importance of education, VUiDEA presented an innovative and fun way to get children to learn through an interactive method. You can experience and learn about places and animals through coloring augmented reality, virtual world experience, learning games and holograms using 10 languages ​​including Korean, Arabic, English , Dutch and Spanish.

Victoria Productions

Also emphasizing the importance of education in a technologically advanced world, Victoria Productions utilizes the latest in AR technology that utilizes both physical books and mobile apps. It is the leading educational book for learning phonetics with an array of 16 different languages.

Movement technologies

For over 20 years, Motion Technologies has been manufacturing motion capture-based content creation technologies and solutions. This year, they introduced the latest version of Virtual Reality Game – XVR, which is the most advanced yet with lighter, simpler and more affordable equipment for business or home use.

Motion capture is also used in many fields such as ergonomics through human body measurement, sports, car accident evaluation and data collection to measure and evaluate data of human bodies and objects in movement.

Creative ARGO

ARGO develops and manufactures an integrated platform for augmented reality (AR) content based on face and body recognition with interactive kiosks that allow people to have fun memories while experiencing a fun and enhanced reality. ARGO products focus on facial analysis, detection and instant scanning to complement 3D avatar technology.

ARGO highlighted its children’s product which shows various emoji expressed on the face and body on various augmented reality backgrounds which are perceived and tracked with the expression and movement by recognizing the curvature of the face and body of the individual.

The Korean Creative Content Agency – KOCCA, also stressed the importance of continuing prosperous relations between the Republic of Korea and the United Arab Emirates, which has built a close and continuous relationship for more than 40 years between them through a variety of sectors such as entertainment and health. . KOCCA also thanked the government of the Republic of Korea for its continued support for independent content companies to grow and reach a wider audience.


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