Know About Walmart’s Latest Move Towards More Cloud Autonomy From Microsoft, Google

Walmart Inc WMT developed the capability to switch seamlessly between cloud providers and servers using its own servers and software to deploy one of the most significant so-called hybrid clouds, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Walmart’s hybrid system draws on third-party platforms from Microsoft Corp MSFT and Alphabet Inc’s GOOG GOOGL Google and an internal server network it has rapidly built out across Walmart facilities around the country. The move will save millions of dollars and boost performance, reducing its dependence on tech giants.

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Walmart claimed its cloud system has saved the company between 10% – 18% in annual cloud spending and has helped reduce cloud outages. Walmart’s servers helped increase the speed of access to particular applications. 

Walmart has been building out a network of servers at its stores and distribution facilities for the past two years. Walmart has 10,000 edge nodes across the U.S. Walmart has also built custom software to run its back-end operations across any cloud system.

Key cloud service players like Inc AMZN, Microsoft, and Google owed their prosperity to the radical shift to the cloud by information technology, with the pandemic serving as the added trigger.

However, organizations now seek more autonomy from the cloud giants to cut costs and access the best technology companies. Many organizations resorted to multiple clouds or investing in their server networks.

WSJ writes that Walmart is known for its strategic actions against its rivals. In 2017, Walmart made it conditional for some enterprise software vendors to run their business on the Microsoft cloud instead of its retail rival, Amazon.

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella had acknowledged that Amazon rivalry was a big reason behind Walmart’s five-year cloud technology deal with Microsoft.

Walmart also weighed opportunities to sell its technology to outsiders. Walmart presently focuses on high-level services, including its recent partnership with Adobe Inc ADBE, helping companies sell their products on Walmart Marketplace and access in-store pickup capabilities using Walmart technology.

Price Action: WMT shares closed higher by 0.46% at $124.19 on the last check Friday.


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