Kingdom Hearts Fan Doxx Sora Finds His Real-World Apartment in Tokyo

Kingdom Hearts fans have begun to separate the kingdom hearts 4 will teaser the clues trailer on Sunday, noticing details like the possible inclusion of a Star Wars world and Sora’s subtle new shoe choice. They also found the real-world luxury apartment building where Sora could live in Tokyo, since the game’s “afterlife” Quadratum is actually a recreation of the Japanese metropolis.

Based on crowdsourced research conducted by Tokyo-based Twitch streamer Audrey aka aita├»kimochi, a self-proclaimed “Square Enix fangirl”, Sora seems to have a posh pad in Tokyo’s Aoyoma district. Aoyoma is a wealthy and elegant part of town, and Sora’s rent is commensurate with the area. Audrey and her viewers unearthed what appears to be the real apartment used as a model for Sora’s new digs, and it costs just under $2,000 a month to rent – around $1 million if Sora wanted to buy.

How did Audrey and her viewers find Sora’s location? Using the landmarks shown in the kingdom hearts 4 trailer and Google Maps Street View, of course. The real-world apartment building they found is called the Regno Raffine, and it’s your typical condo-style building. Sora probably has a one or two bedroom apartment, but the real draw is the balcony and all the natural sunlight that pours in. The model unit photos of the building provide the best look at where Sora likely lives after-kingdom hearts 3.

Of course, the building’s residents may not appreciate how much Square Enix and the Kingdom Hearts team have recreated where they live. Please, Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts, don’t turn this luxury building into a place of pilgrimage. Sora, unlike Donald Duck, is not real!


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