Kentucky Power responds to drastic increase in some customers’ bills

ASHLAND, Ky. (WSAZ) – Kentucky Power responded Wednesday about complaints from some customers that their electric bills had soared as much as $100 in one month.

A company spokeswoman said it was due to a lag in computing customers’ bills. She said the two-month lag was responsible for some seeing much higher bills in January that resulted in more than $3 million in “over-recovery” by the company.

She released the following statement, saying the bills of affected customers will be adjusted in March:

“When Kentucky Power calculated its January fuel adjustment factor, the factor had to be based on November customer usage. Customer usage increased in January due to colder than normal weather, causing the total amount collected for fuel adjustment to be higher than the amount necessary for collection.

“This over-collection is immediately put back into the next calculation. In February 2022 we reported the $3 million in over-recovery. This over recovery is already being reflected in customer bills for March. In fact the $3 million brought the March fuel adjustment rate down by 72%. Also, the PSC will do a review twice a year and determine if any further adjustments are needed.”

The company spokeswoman explained that the company files monthly fuel information with the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) that’s based on the two-month lag.

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