Keep Your Guacamole Green With This Delicious Hack – LifeSavvy

A bowl of guacamole is surrounded by fries, sliced ​​tomatoes and avocado.

When it comes to easily spoiled foods, guacamole might be at the top of the list. The delicious dip tends to brown, and while still edible, it doesn’t really look appetizing. Luckily, there’s a trick to keeping your guac green.

Adding pico de gallo to your guacamole can help keep it green and add a delicious twist to a classic recipe.

Whether you’re making guacamole ahead or hoping to keep leftovers fresh, topping the dip with a layer of pico can create a barrier that prevents oxygen from reaching the base of the avocado. Preventing oxygen from reaching the avocado or guacamole is not a New hack, using pico to do this is a bit more unique.

If you’ve never made pico de gallo, it’s a mixture of chopped tomatoes, red onions, jalapeño, and lime juice. Before your party or after it’s over, top the guacamole with the pico mixture, cover with plastic wrap, and place in the fridge.

When you’re ready to use it, simply remove the plastic wrap and serve. You can even mix the pico into your guacamole for a little extra flavor.

If you have Easter brunch plans and want to add a side of guac, this nifty hack might give you your greenest, most delicious recipe yet.

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