Keep smashing your iPhone and Galaxy, says smart operator


Here we go again.

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You’ve probably slept with your new iPhone 13 every night.

You’ve probably smiled, stroked, and talked to him.

You have to hope, however, that you never drop it so that its screen shatters and you need to have it fixed.

With the 13, it won’t be a cheap deal.

Perhaps you will be encouraged, then, to discover a slightly different approach. This, from a carrier.

Yes, it is a French carrier, but please do not withdraw your ambassador right away. You see, Bouygues Telecom understands that people drop their phones all the time. So much so that it encourages him. In public. In its advertising.

Her latest effort involves the story of a couple who seem so excited for each other and their life together that they keep dropping their phones. Again and again.

They meet cute, one of them drops his phone. They go on a road trip, one of them drops his phone. They are standing at the top of a large staircase, one of them drops his phone.

Discerning observers will soon notice that in each of these cases it is the man who drops his phone.

He can’t even keep it at his own wedding. Are you sure you made the right decision in marrying this carefree man, ma’am?

Once married, the woman manages to drop her phone with enthusiasm and regularity. Even their dog is involved in a little phone damage.

At this point, you might be wondering what it is.

Well, some very savvy observers may have noticed that it’s still the same phone that gets ditched. Because this couple enthusiastically embraces the idea of ​​having their phones repaired, instead of buying new ones every or every two years.

Bouygues Telecom expresses its attitude fairly cleanly. “Our phones will never stop falling. Bouygues Telecom will help you fix them and make them last longer.”

The company offers what it calls “sustainable smartphone solutions” that focus on repair, recycling, trade-in and refurbishment.

It’s a remarkable attitude to the economy (what’s left) of the world and to customer service.

Some carriers – and, in fact, phone makers – embrace customer service more easily than others, as I’ve discovered again recently.

One can imagine that a particular clientele is very attracted by the attitude of Bouygues Telecom.

But then comes the temptation of a brand new iPhone and humans are so weak.


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