Kaloom at MWC Barcelona 2022

In conjunction with the ongoing MWC Barcelona 2022, Tara Neal, Executive Editor of The Fast Mode spoke to Stéphane Boisvert, President of Kaloom on the company’s plans and showcases for this year’s event.

Tara: What do you think MWC 2022 will be all about? And what are your MWC 2022 plans?

Stephane: We are excited to see the activities and increased attendance at this year’s MWC 2022, despite earlier concerns, we are looking forward to reconnecting in person. We believe one of the overarching themes at MWC will focus on partnership and ecosystems, multiple vendors will be announcing and demonstrating joint solutions; all focused on advancing the 5G, Edge Computing and Cloud for the benefit of operators and communication services providers. An important facet of building these partnerships and ecosystems happens in person, which is something we have been missing for the past two years.

While Kaloom does not have a booth at MWC this year, we are leveraging our strategic partner’s booths and activities to advance our joint customer conversations. All leading to accelerate the adoption and deployments of our disruptive Unified Edge solution ideally suited for 5G-Edge enabled Edge and distributed data centers for MEC deployments.

Tara: How has the pandemic impacted the operational and business landscape of the tech segment you are operating in?

Stephane: While we have seen a slowdown in both PoC and production deployments, mainly due to chips, parts and qualified personnel shortages, we certainly have seen a significant increase in the interest and desire to accelerate deployments. The pandemic dramatically altered the way we work, learn, and connect. It has also had a tremendous impact on bandwidth demand, caused by increased traffic and bandwidth-hungry applications and services. 5G deployments will only amplify challenges, disruptively creating an extreme need for lightweight container-based solutions that satisfy cost, space and power requirements.

Tara: What emerging trends/technologies have you observed in your tech segment in recent months?

Stephane: As an industry, we must continue to build resiliency and bring computing to the edge, closest to the user. We recently shared our predictions in a 2022 The Year of the Tiger post, identifying key trends and technologies that will also be a major focus at MWC. Cloud and the Edge will be strong focal points of the agenda. Other emerging trends we see include the rise of private 5G infrastructure, the convergence of fixed and mobile for “seamless services”, the intersection of cloud computing and edge computing; the need for more distributed cloud; and the migration towards 5G cloud-native applications and beyond.

In addition, we see machine learning and AI-based infrastructure with end-to-end network slicing, management and orchestration and other themes related to the cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud architectures for delivering new services and applications.

As service providers and enterprises rethink what ‘the edge’ means for their infrastructure, it will take a village to deliver optimized applications over optimized networks. MWC will continue to see the forces of cloud-native containerization gaining momentum, liberating computing workloads and enabling us to move closer to the end-user where network latency is lower. We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona! Sign up here to coordinate a meeting with us on site.


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