Jony Ive LoveFrom Designs Award for Businesses with Sustainable Practices

Jony Ive’s design firm LoveFrom has created a special award to be awarded to companies that are leaders in creating sustainable markets, reports Wallpaper.

Jony ive terra carta seal
The “Terra Carta Seal” designed by LoveFrom was produced in partnership with the Sustainable Markets Initiative led by Prince Charles of the United Kingdom. The Terra Carta is a charter that provides a roadmap for businesses to build a sustainable future by harnessing the power of nature.

The Terra Carta Seal of Ive is intended to embody the values ​​of Terra Carta, which include bringing together “people and the planet, giving fundamental rights and value to nature”. The design includes oak leaves, acorns, ferns, magnolia blossoms, and phlox, as well as various birds, butterflies, and bees.

The seal also has wording that uses a special LoveFrom Serif font that is not commercially available and was designed exclusively for LoveFrom projects. I said the typeface was designed for LoveFrom’s “friends”, but it worked well for the Terra Carta. There are digital versions of the seal, as well as a paper version.

“We spent all this time creating a typeface that we would use for our identity: we didn’t want a logo, we wanted something much more modest, more like a dialogue,” Ive says of the creation. from the LoveFrom Serif, inspired by John Baskerville’s letterforms and based on studies of his original punches and dies. “We thought about using this typeface for our friends; we couldn’t think of a better way to take advantage of a few years of working around Terra Carta, and I think it works very well. You can see that the typography is clearly in the center of the seal, but I was won over by the soft and slightly haphazard dominance of the natural references. “

Other inspirations included the sacred geometry of nature and works by William Morris, Josef Frank, Nick Knight, and Christopher Marley. “We have enhanced the resilience and fertility of nature by allowing these natural elements to gently take control of the image,” Ive said. Wallpaper. “It’s a visually lush celebration of the power of nature, and far from being a superficial decoration, these natural forms are what bring the design to life.”

Jony ive terra carta seal 2

I said he designs at LoveFrom like he designs at Apple.

“For decades at Apple, one of my concerns has been this idea that if we have discipline in our thought practice, we hold ourselves accountable for our thinking, and the result is that we can be light in our thinking. It’s really become such a central part of how we see issues and how we practice. ”

L’Oréal, Siemens Energy and AstraZeneca received the inaugural Terra Carta seal for committing to accelerated actions to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C by 2050. The Terra Carta seal will be awarded to various companies on an annual basis.

I left Apple in 2019 to found LoveFrom alongside my designer colleague Marc Newson. At the time, Apple said that Ive would continue to be involved in design at Apple and that he would be a major customer for LoveFrom. LoveFrom has also worked with Airbnb and Ferrari.


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