Jennifer Garner Won The Internet With Her Response After Clip Of Jennifer Coolidge Proclaiming She Wanted To Play ‘A Dolphin’ Went Viral

I certainly believe that Jennifer Coolidge is the moment right now. With her chaotic and hilarious awards speeches — which have included, but are not limited to, her mentioning Crocs and dancing to the music trying to play her off — as well as her critically acclaimed performance on The White Lotus, all eyes are on her. Now, following her Critic’s Choice win, she has gone viral once again because she said she’d like to play a dolphin for her next role, and while many had great responses to this dream of Coolidge’s, Jennifer Garner 100% won with her reaction. 

While Coolidge dreams of playing a dolphin one day, Garner already has played the aquatic mammal. In 1998 the 13 Going on 30 star appeared in an episode of Fantasy Island as a character named Sally, who, rather than just being a mermaid, was a dolphin who turned into a woman. Due to her playing this role, Garner took to Instagram, to let Coolidge know her dream is possible, valid, and maybe someday they could both play dolphins. 


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