Jada Pinkett Smith’s Response to Will’s Surprise Party in Old Video Divides the Internet

The relationship between Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has been the talk of the town since Jada publicly revealed her “entanglement” with singer August Alsina in 2015 during her famous show “Red Table Talk” in July 2020. A video from the same show surfaced. on the internet and recently sparked discussions again, sparking a buzz on social media. The video caused netizens to come under fire for her reaction to a surprise party Will had been planning for her for three years, although many also said her reaction was reasonable given the context. The party under discussion is the 40th birthday party of Jada, who is now 50 years old. On her show, Jada mentioned that her 40th birthday was the point where she had a midlife crisis. After this, Will said, “Yeah, your 40th was my low.”

Will then explained how, after Jada’s 37th birthday, he hired a team to “orchestrate her 40th birthday.” Will claimed to have hired a documentary team and traced Jada’s family roots, including some very exclusive tapes that Jada’s grandmother had recorded for her before she died.

Jada added: “It was going to be a splash.” Will said, “It would be my most beautiful declaration of love. It would be the thing that would get her out of this midlife crisis.” But when the party was over, to Will’s surprise, Jada didn’t like the party at all.”She told me the party was the most ridiculous expression of my ego,” Will told Willow Smith, his daughter, who also attended the party. red table Will admitted he knew “to this day” it crushed him.

Here’s the episode:

The video was shared on multiple social media platforms, including Reddit, where netizens are divided. While some didn’t like Jada’s response at all, some sided with Jada in this. One user wrote: “She’s about to be canceled again.” Another wrote: “He did say ‘It would be my thing’.” One user commented, “It sounds legit like the guy is living in his own personal version of hell,” while another commented, “I heard she explicitly said she wanted it to be a minor affair. He went ahead and did a huge blowout.”

What’s your take on the clip?

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