Israeli data security startup Laminar emerges from stealth with $32 million Series A

TEL AVIV & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Laminar, a provider of public cloud data protection, emerged from stealth today with a $32 million Series A investment, bringing the company’s total funding to $37 million. The round was led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, with participation from SentinelOne (NYSE:S), TLV Partners and Meron Capital. Founded by Unit 8200 veterans, four-time Google Capture the Flag champions and lifelong friends Amit Shaked, CEO, and Oran Avraham, CTO, Laminar delivers agentless and asynchronous data security and leak protection for everything you build and run in the cloud.

The finance

According to Crunchbase, cyber firms in Israel have raised about $1.6 billion so far this year, well above last year’s record $1 billion. Laminar’s Series A, which also included investments from cybersecurity founders and Fortune 500 CISOs, is one of the largest A rounds for an Israeli security startup with founders under the age of 30. Laminar will use this funding round to expand its engineering division, build its go-to-market team and establish a world-class data security research team.

“With its groundbreaking security platform, Laminar is driving the democratization of data in today’s fast-paced cloud world,” said Emmet B. Keeffe III, founder of Insight IGNITE and operations partner, Insight Partners. “Ultimately, security is about protecting data – and today’s data protection teams can’t keep up. We’re excited to partner with Laminar to capitalize on this huge opportunity and turn CISOs and data security teams into true business enablers.”

“Data and APIs are critical to the functioning of today’s digital society,” said Tomer Weingarten, CEO of SentinelOne. “Securing data wherever it resides is the foundation of our Singularity XDR platform – we see Laminar’s approach as complementary in helping our customers secure data in a cloud-first world.”

The technology

With significant product validation by hundreds of CISOs over the past year via Insight IGNITE, Laminar is an industry first for public cloud data protection that prevents data leaks from everything you build and run in the cloud.

Built specifically for CISOs and data protection teams, Laminar’s Cloud Data Security Platform is the only tool on the market that allows them to:

  • Discover and classify sensitive data continuously for full visibility
  • Safe and under control to improve risk attitude
  • Detect and Restore leaks without interrupting the data flow

The challenge is to do this easily and without friction. Legacy solutions require agents or filter traffic through proxies. Laminar has chosen cloud-native approaches that are agentless and asynchronous so as not to impact performance or data flow. Laminar provides continuous monitoring of both managed and unmanaged data stores, both compute and data output channels, enabling sanctioned data movements and alerts when something is wrong. This cloud-native approach enables full, autonomous data observation, including within shadow data stores. With Laminar, data protection teams can reduce the attack surface and detect real-time data breaches.

“As organizations move quickly to the cloud and build applications cloud-first, businesses are moving at record speed. These transformations often make life easier. However, for CISOs and data security professionals, their job is harder than ever, and data protection teams are left in the dark,” said Shaked.

“Data protection teams are blind to where sensitive data resides in the cloud, and legacy data protection solutions are no longer keeping pace with evolving cloud environments,” said Josh Jaffe, president of the Global Center for Cybersecurity and longtime Fortune 500 CISO . “Laminar is launching at a time when these teams urgently need cloud-native data security platforms built specifically for cloud environments.”

“We’ve already built a truly world-class team of both offensive and defensive security engineers, and I’m proud to partner with and recruit some of the best in the world. Part of the joy of working at Laminar is being side by side with these amazing individuals. I am excited to continue building an elite team of engineers and researchers who will empower our customers to detect and prevent some of the most advanced attacks,” said Avraham.

The founders

The launch and financing would not have been possible without the expert founders of Laminar. Shaked and Avraham met in high school at age 14 and promised to start a security company together one day. At the age of 17, Avraham identified the first vulnerability of the iPhone 3G baseband

Shaked and Avraham both served in Unit 8200, a unit of the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps, dedicated to collecting signal intelligence and deciphering codes. While in the military, Shaked also earned a master’s degree in AI and deep learning.

After Unit 8200, Shaked joined a late-stage startup called Magic Leap, and Avraham joined a newly launched company Medigate – giving them valuable internal security experience. Avraham also led a team of renowned offensive security experts to win four of the last six Google Capture the Flag competitions.

“We are friends first and business partners second — and we hope this continues as we build our diverse and talented team,” said Shaked and Avraham. “We are excited to see our hard work come to life with the launch of Laminar.”

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About Laminar

Laminar provides data breach protection for everything you build and run in the cloud. Laminar’s Cloud Data Security Platform is the only solution on the market that allows you to continuously discover and classify for complete visibility, secure and audit to improve risk appetite and detect and remediate leaks without interrupting the data flow. Full data sighting for everything running in your public cloud accounts. Both agentless and asynchronous monitoring of data stores, compute and data output channels enables sanctioned data movements and alerts when something is wrong. Data protection teams can reduce the attack surface, detect real-time data breaches and put you back in control of your data. Laminar was founded in 2020 by a brilliant team of award-winning Israeli red team experts and is proudly supported by Insight Partners, TLV Partners and SentinelOne. For more information, visit

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