Israeli company improves vehicle technology after testing in peachtree corners

A Israeli company is taking the next step by commercializing its driver assistance technology, thanks in part to its partnership with Peach Tree Corners, city known for its ‘living lab’ for smart-city technologies.

Home to CuriosityLab, an innovation hub connected by road to the only testing ground for autonomous vehicles with 5G support, Peachtree Corners has welcomed companies from around the world looking to see their technologies in action beyond the confines of a lab.

Brodmann17, the Israeli company, claims to have created a software-only “perception technology” for assisted driving, reducing the computational power and space required for driver assistance systems. The software, which is said to run on any CPU, was tested at Peachtree Corners in the city’s Level 3 autonomous vehicle based on the Ford Edge. (Level 3 autonomy means the vehicle can use environmental sensors and artificial intelligence to make its own decisions and practically drive itself, but an alert human must be present to override the system in the event of a problem.)

Building on this momentum, Brodmann17 has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab in Seattle, honoring its work with Peachtree Corners in promoting introductions to key partners.

“Our partnership with the City of Peachtree Corners and our ability to test and develop our technologies in a real world, along with real connected infrastructure and data analytics, has been invaluable,” said Brodmann17 Co-Founder and CEO Adi Pinhas. “In addition, being part of 5GOIL and Peachtree Corners has helped us build valuable relationships with partners such as T-Mobile that benefit our long-term business objectives.”

CuriosityLab now has a strong cadre of Israeli companies in critical areas such as those who have deployed their technology in Peachtree Corners, from cybersecurity firms Cyber ​​2.0 nasty cynamism to real-time feedback monitoring solution ZenCity.

“Brodmann17 is a perfect example of our commitment to working with talented deep learning engineers to prove and scale technologies in a true smart city. The work Brodmann17 has done here is having a global impact, with North American manufacturers now seeking leverage (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) for their future vehicles,” said Brandon Branham, assistant city manager.

Located in Tel AvivBrodmann17 reportedly raised $11 million in 2019. Read more about the company in this TechCrunch article.

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