Is Virtual Reality College Really The Future of Education?

Students at Fisk University Nashville are offered virtual reality experiences for some courses, but will this change the way schools handle distance learning?

RV could change the way schools and universities run classes in the face of the pandemic, and Fisk University, the oldest of those institutes in Nashville, Tennessee, now offers the classroom experience via a headset through a partnership with HTC Vive, T-Mobile and VictoryXR. This is welcome news for students who have had to make it through the pandemic learning remotely through apps like Zoom or with severely restricted classroom experiences.

Virtual reality is used more and more for training and even for virtual events that people would not be able to attend otherwise. The WNBA has embarked on using Oculus Venues to give female basketball fans the opportunity to experience live sports from the comfort of their own homes. Educational uses of virtual reality include companies such as ClassVR which provide interactive educational spaces for students. It was only a matter of time before schools turned to immersive virtual reality as a solution to the lack of classroom interaction that the world faces.

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Better than Zoom?

The HTC Vive virtual reality headset

VR is being explored at Fisk University as an alternative to distance learning, which Steve Grubbs, CEO of VictoryXR says is “broken” while VR is “redefine the class“by allowing students to be reunited with teachers. Nigel Newby House HTC’s vice president for carrier solutions also said than the advances of the tech giant allowed them to feed the virtual classroom “in a way we never imagined. “

The question remains, however, whether this will have an impact on the amount students have to pay to study at institutions that use VR technology. Distance learning is as effective in educating people as face-to-face learning, according to a study by Birmingham University. The virtual reality solution could very well change the way people view education as an immersive and engaging way to learn, however, calls for lower tuition fees are growing.

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