Is it safe to invest in Bitgert?

by Analytics Insight
Apr 8, 2022

Most important points:

  • Bitgert delivered his roadmap quickly
  • Bitgert is the fastest growing crypto currency
  • BRC20 is the world’s first gasless chain
  • Bitgert to add 1000+ new projects

Bitgert (BRISE), a DeFi project, is arguably the most talked-about crypto project in 2022. Much has been said about this project, including FUDs, which have been proven wrong over time. But one thing that stood out about the Bitgert project is that the team delivered a revolutionary crypto project in just 8 months.

Bitgert is currently the most popular crypto investment. It is the fastest growing crypto project, as evidenced by the skyrocketing Brise price. The Bitgert market cap has also grown +200% in recent weeks. Is it safe to invest in Bitgert? Well, the answer is YES. Here are facts about Bitgert that make it an ideal crypto investment.

The team delivers fast

One of the factors that make an ideal crypto project is the prompt delivery of the roadmap and, more importantly, the delivery of products. The Bitgert team delivers so much despite FUDs bashing it because the team is anonymous. What have the doxxed projects yielded? Anyway, what value does it add to have a doxxed team that doesn’t deliver? The Bitgert team has achieved all major milestones without fail. The team recently announced the launch of the roadmap V2.0 after delivering the first roadmap.

First gasless blockchain

The biggest product the Bitgert team has built to date is the BRC20 blockchain. The revolutionary blockchain is disrupting the industry with its free gas fee and fastest chain. The Bitgert BRC20 is the first gasless chain, which has made it the most sought-after blockchain. The Brise chain has also surpassed the Solana 65k TPS after hitting a 100k TPS. The team has already built a bridge for this blockchain.

1000+ new projects

The Bitgert team is building one of the largest crypto ecosystems. Aside from the products the team is building, there are 1000+ new projects joining the Bitgert Startup Studio. The team has so far added 10+ projects in less than 20 days. Bitgert plans to have 100+ products each month and 1000+ in the next 365 days. With such a large number of projects, the Bitgert price will skyrocket.

Bitgert Roadmap V2

The Bitgert team is in the final development of delivering the first roadmap, and the next big thing is the roadmap V2. The new roadmap comes with exciting projects, including Web3 products such as the Bitgert web3 oracle, the Bitgert metaverse products, Paybrise, a payment system, and many other exciting products.

Bitgert offers so much that it will make it the next big crypto investment of 2022. The Bitgert project utility will be second to none. The BRC20 blockchain remains one of the biggest drivers of a bullish Brise price. All of this makes Bitgert one of the safest crypto investments today.

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