Iran denies that its dams were subject to cyber attacks

Systems responsible for gathering information and calculating numbers were down, according to a source

Iranian officials on Wednesday denied a series of cyber attacks on dams that control water resources, after an informed source made the claim on Iranian state television.

Systems responsible for collecting information about the amount of water being held and calculating those numbers had been shut down as a result of a cyber attack, the source told the Iranian government. IRIBA state broadcaster, according to Times of Israel.

The source also stated that employees exchanging data on dams lost internet connection, including applications such as WhatsApp, Iran International reported.

Iran’s Ministry of Energy has issued a statement through the Iranian state run IRNA news agency denies that any attacks took place.

More news site also reported that Iran denied the cyber attacks, claiming the sites had been taken offline to “secure information and statistics systems”. Times of Israel reported.

Iran is largely arid and suffers from chronic dry spells as one of the most water-scarce countries in the world. Iran’s capital is suffering its worst drought in half a century, a water supplies official said this month, citing a 97 percent drop in monthly rainfall compared to last year.

Thousands protested in Isfahan, Iran, against water policies and the government’s inability to address the water shortage.

Last month, a cyber attack knocked out Iran’s gas stations, shutting them down for a week. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi blamed the hack on “anti-Iranian forces.”

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