iPollo launches B1 series and Darksteel series mining machines,

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Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – October 30, 2021) – Meta-computing manufacturing iPollo officially launches two series of new mining machines in the US, iPollo B1 and iPollo Darksteel.

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iPollo B1 series are Bitcoin mining machines with power consumption of various models between 35W/THash~55W/THash. iPollo B1 equipped with the latest Darkbird chip designed by Nano Labs, which specializes in designing high-throughput computing chips, high-performance computer chips and vision computer chips.

iPollo Darksteel series is an integrated solution for distributed storage. There are three models in this launch, Darksteel S, Darksteel F and Darksteel C which aim to provide mining solutions for Swarm, Filecoin and Chia respectively.

Both the B1 and Darkstell series will open simultaneously worldwide in November for spot and futures orders.

Singapore-based iPollo is committed to providing integrated computing and storage computing services for the founding of the upcoming Metaverse. It has previously launched the Grin series of mining machines, which are well praised by its customers around the world. The launch of the B1 and Darkbird product ranges is an important step for the company in the Meta computing space. The company is also reportedly going to launch a series of competing products around the distributed computing and storage trail in the future, to contribute to Metaverse’s underlying computing network.


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