iPhone SE (2022), MacBook Air (M1), iPad (2021) available at a discount during Vijay Sales’ Apple Days sale

iPhone SE (2022), iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 are currently available at a discount in Vijay Sales stores and on the website of e-commerce. These discounts were introduced as part of the Apple Days sale, which went live on April 15. It will last until April 21 with discounts and offers on the iPad (2021), iPad Air (2022), iPad Air (2020) and iPadPro. Additionally, there are deals on MacBook Air (M1), MacBook Pro (M1), and MacBook Pro (M1 Pro).

The Apple Days sale is currently live and will last until April 21. You can visit more than 155 Vijay Sales outlets across India or the online store to check out these discounts on Apple products. HDFC Bank cardholders can also get up to Rs. 10,000 cash back. You can also find deals on Apple Watch, AirPods, and HomePod mini.

During this week-long sale, the iPhone 13 can be purchased at a discounted price of Rs. Rs. 58,900. 71,900 HDFC bank card users will receive a flat Rs. 5,000 cashback on his purchase. Moreover, if you trade in a smartphone worth more than Rs. 5,000, Vijay Sales will discount Rs. 3,000 more from its price. This will make a total reduction of Rs. 21,000 for a final reduced price of Rs. 58,900.

Similarly, HDFC cashback offers effectively reduced the price of iPhone 13 Pro to Rs. 1,12,300 and iPhone 13 Pro Max to Rs 1,22,000. The iPhone 11 starts from Rs. 44,490 and the iPhone 12 from Rs. 53,900. The all-new iPhone SE (2022) has seen its starting price reduced to Rs. 40,100.

iPad (2021) starts from a discounted price of Rs. 26,900. New iPad Air (2022) starts at Rs. 49,800. iPad Air (2020) and iPad Pro can be picked up at effective discounted prices of Rs. 43,400 and Rs. 64,700 respectively.

Moreover, the MacBook Air (M1) has a starting price of Rs. 77,900. The MacBook Pro (M1) starts from Rs. 1,03,690 and the MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) from Rs. 1,70,900.

The Apple Days sale has reduced the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 to Rs. 36,500 and the Apple Watch SE to Rs. 26,200.

Vijay Sales is currently offering AirPods (3rd Generation) at an effective price of Rs. 18,890. AirPods (2nd Generation) are available at Rs. 10,790, AirPods Pro at Rs. 18,890 and AirPods Max at Rs. 52 990.

Device Offer price HDFC Cash Back effective price
iPhone 13 71,900 5,000 66,900
iPhone 13Pro 1,16,300 4,000 1,12,300
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1,26,000 4,000 1,22,000
iPhone 11 47,490 3,000 44,490
iPhone 12 57,900 4,000 53,900
iPhone SE 3rd Generation 42,100 2,000 40 100
iPad 9th generation 29,900 3,000 26,900
iPad Air 5th Generation 53,800 4,000 49,800
iPad Air 4th Generation 47,400 4,000 43,400
iPad Pro 68,700 4,000 64,700
Macbook Air with M1 chip 83,900 6,000 77,900
Macbook Pro with M1 chip 1,10,690 7,000 1,03,690
Macbook Pro with the latest M1 Pro chip 1,80,900 10,000 1,70,900
Apple Watch Series 7 39,500 3,000 36,500
Apple Watch SE series 28,200 2,000 26,200
2nd Generation AirPods 12,290 1,500 10,790
3rd generation AirPods 17,690 2,000 15,690
AirPodsPro 21,390 2,500 18,890
Airpod Max 52,990 52,990
Home Pod Mini 9,490 1,000 8,490

Additionally, Vijay Sales offers discounts on Apple accessories such as adapters, cables, iPhone cases, AirTag devices and loops, and keyboards. It also offers a free wireless charger with every iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro purchase.


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