IPhone AutoCorrect feature is being watched on Reddit: see thread

Have we started to rely too much on the autocorrect option of our keyboards? If the answer is yes, our busy life could be the reason. But, this reliance on autocorrect options comes with its own set of nuances and frustrations. A Reddit thread recently discussed the various ways autocorrect on our phones has let us down.

The discussion started with the question, “Is it just me or has autocorrect got worse on iPhones?” The user complained, “It’s only recently (in the last 5 months) that the autocorrect has apparently gotten worse over time. Am I delusional or are others people experience the same thing? “

Other Reddit users responded to this query with their own complaints. Some have said that the autocorrect feature ignores errors and proceeds without correcting them. One user wrote: “My biggest gripe is changing the words that are typed correctly. “

Another had a specific problem and explained it: “About 90% of the time I try to type ‘good’ it automatically corrects itself to ‘we will do this’ on our own.”

This user complained that iPhone keyboards constantly corrected three-letter words to “those that have no meaning in the context of the sentence.” Many accepted this complaint.

One user wrote that his iPhone constantly changed from “and” to “abs” and the change was always made after the person finished typing a sentence. This made it difficult for him to identify the phrase.

This user struggled with words like “stuck” and “eat” which turned into “stuvk” and “oats” respectively.

IPhone faulty autocorrect has also led to embarrassing situations for many people. One user mentioned how “he keeps changing my friends’ names to my exes.”

It’s not just alphabets that bother people. Users also encountered issues when entering numbers. Here is an example where “50” has always been changed to “5-0” for no reason the user can detect.

A few users couldn’t catch all the issues and turned off the auto-fix feature.

AutoCorrect, which was designed to relieve people of obsessing over their typos, sort of gave them more reason to talk about misspelled words.

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