Invest in the five best technology stocks to watch out for in April 2022!

by Disha Sinha
Apr 8, 2022

technical stocks

April 2022 is expected to offer top tech stocks to generate enough profit for tech investors

Technological innovations and advancements create a plethora of opportunities for tech investors to invest dollars and time. Thousands of tech companies are offering them popular technology stocks to efficiently and effectively make profits in digital wallets. Let’s wait no further and look forward to the top five technology stocks we can buy in April 2022 to profit from cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data, and much more.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top five technology stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

Infinera Corporation

Current price: US$8.12

Market capitalization: US$1.73 billion

Infinera Corporation is among the top five technology stocks purchased in April 2022 for optical transport network equipment and software. The broad product portfolio includes Infinera Groove Series, Infinera 7300 Series, Infinera XT Series, Infinera Cloud Xpress Family and many more for research and education institutions, large enterprises and so on.

Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Current price: US$119.34

Market capitalization: US$19.20 billion

Akamai Technologies, Inc. is known for providing cloud services to secure and optimize content and business applications around the world. This technology company provides cloud solutions to protect websites, application programming interfaces and more from cyberattacks and online threats.

Calix, Inc.

Current price: $39.68

Market Capitalization: US$2.56 Billion

Calix, Inc. is a popular technology company with cloud and software platforms, services and systems around the world. This technical inventory helps enable BSPs to offer a wide range of services such as Calix cloud platform, Calix marketing cloud, Calix support cloud, Calix operations cloud, EXOS, and so on for multiple industries.

Synaptics Incorporated

Current price: US$168.54

Market Capitalization: US$6.66 Billion

Synaptics Incorporated is known for developing semiconductor products and solutions on an international level. This technology company offers a wide range of products and services such as AudioSmart, ConnectSmart, DisplayLink, VideoSmart, TouchPad, ClickPad and many more.

ON Semiconductor Corporation

Current price: US$54.09

Market capitalization: $23.39 billion

ON Semiconductor Corporation is one of the top five technology stocks providing intelligent sensing and power solutions around the world. Intelligent energy technologies enable the electrification of the automotive industry to enable fast charging systems, storage systems and much more. It is known for its operation through three segments as the power solutions group, the advanced solutions group and the intelligent sensing group.

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