Internet Winces as Mom-in-Law Tattoos Grandson’s Name, Then It’s Changed

A new mom is debating what to do after her mother-in-law got her son’s name tattooed on her arm, but they then changed it.

She explained they had a baby boy a fortnight ago and settled on a name, and later had second thoughts—But not before her spouse’s mom got it permanently inked on her arm.

The mom turned to the internet for advice, posting the dilemma on Mumsnet under username Dilterry, saying: “We have just had a baby, 2 weeks ago, MIL immediately tattooed baby boy’s name on her arm.

“However, we have since had a change of heart re the name… What a nightmare!

“We didn’t ask her to, or knew she was doing it, it’s obviously really sweet of her to do it so that’s not the problem it’s more just now we don’t want to call him that.

“I feel awful! How on earth do we handle this? I’m really trying to talk myself into keeping the name, but it doesn’t sit right…”

The post, which can be read here, has amassed more than 200 responses, as people shared suggestions over how to approach the issue.

In the comments, she clarified that her mother-in-law has tattoos of all of her children’s and grandchildren’s names.

“It’s not massive but it’s right near her wrist, and has its own area, there’s no mistaking it’s there!” she admitted.

Britneyisfree wrote: “Oh my! I am in absolute hysterics. She’s going to be FUMING!! Good luck.”

ScamOrNoScam commented: “Can you use that as the middle name so she can just add the “new” first name to the front?”

Twizbe thought: “Oh yikes. Perhaps she should have waited until you registered baby…. Erm… can you live with that name or does it just really not work?”

MermaidEyes pointed out: “She’s daft for doing it so quickly, she could have waited. He’s your son so if you prefer a different name then go for it.”

Gamerchick commented: “Meh just use it as a middle name if you’re bothered. She can just add another one before it. I personally wouldn’t be arsed about someone’s tattoo.”

Littlebirdyouaresosweet suggested: “Or suggest mil gets a pet and uses the name?!”

Spanielsarepainless joked: “Just tell her. Then she can get ‘Gary, previously known as Wayne’ added.”

It’s not massive but it’s right near her wrist.”


While SirenSays added: “I’d send her a card with the new name and include voucher for laser removal.”

And in the comments, without revealing what the original name was, the parent claimed: “The name absolutely doesn’t work especially as my dd pointed out it sounds like a certain body part that is less than ideal.”

While it seems demoting it to a middle name may be smartest option, as she added: “Even as a middle name isn’t really an option but we would keep it for her I guess, just not as a first name.”

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File photo of tattooed arm.
A file photo of tattooed arm. A parent has shared the cringeworthy tale of their mom-in-law tattooing their son’s name, which they then changed.
Ivana Arico/Getty Images


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