Internet supports the bride, an uninviting ‘bitter’ friend who laughed at her new life

A bride-to-be made the dramatic decision to no longer invite one of her closest friends days before her wedding following the bitter fallout that began during her bachelorette party.

Details of the turn of events were shared on Reddit’s “Am I the asshole” subreddit by the bride’s close friend, who shared her story on the forum in hopes it might spark some sympathy.

What she got instead, however, was a barrage of responses so brutal that moderators were forced to shut the thread after reaching over 10,000 upvotes.

There is no denying that marriage can change friendships.

As TV personality and wedding planner Sandy Malone explained in the Huffington Post, “You can love your girlfriends as much as you want and you can spend a lot of time with them, but when you get married, your best friend can no longer be your best friend. .

“That’s what your husband is for. And you’re going to need some time alone together. Your husband has to be your winger.”

Priorities and friendships change and it’s all about evolving with that change and embracing the new configuration of the relationship terrain.

This is where the problems started for the woman posting on Reddit. Her close friend Bethany is getting married to her fiance, Jim, on Boxing Day, but she won’t be there because of what happened.

She said that she and Bethany “were very close as sisters” until she started dating Jim and “put her relationship first”. Although she says they saw each other again, Bethany stopped playing basketball with her and her friends and started yoga. She said that when they spent time together, Bethany seemed “distant” even though she insisted to her friend that she was “fine”.

On top of all this, Bethany also “dropped out of college” and became a certified yoga trainer, which her friend said ruined her “college career.” “I thought Jim was behind it all but everyone says she looks really happy now,” she wrote. “I couldn’t see it and always thought she had changed for the worse.”

Although Bethany insisted that she had never stopped hanging out with them, the woman remained bowled over by things, saying “she always had time for Jim but never for us”.

Although others told her that she was “overreacting”, things escalated at Bethany’s bachelorette party when she was overheard complaining that the bride-to-be had spent too much time. time on marriage and got “lost with this man and her… pretentious hobby.”

Bethany’s sister heard this and told her what she said. A day later, she texted the friend to tell her she was not invited. The text accused her of being “too critical” and added that she “did not deserve to be part of her special day”.

Although the woman said she remained “heartbroken”, other friends said she “brought him in” and that her “attitude” towards Bethany had always been at the root of this. moment.

They weren’t the only ones offering this blunt review either, with the folks at Reddit proving to be equally unfriendly. Acrobatic-Cover-2712 led the charge. “You’ve been judging her for her choices for years, then denigrating her at the bachelorette party because she (checks notes) does yoga?” they wrote. “Congratulations, you just cost yourself a friendship. “

K-no-B said the original poster was “fooling” itself that Bethany hadn’t taken time for her, noting that the bachelorette party was a “perfect occasion “to spend time together, and she spent it” tearing her up. ‘friend’ instead. “

Ozagnaria felt that the friend would experience a “rude awakening” over the next few years. “As you get older you have to take time for friendships, and that’s hard to do because as you get older your life becomes bigger with more responsibilities and obligations that you have to fulfill because you are the only person responsible for you. ensure that x, y, z is taken care of, ”they said.

Brokenchaoscat was less lenient in her assessment, calling the poster “plain and bitter” for her treatment of Bethany’s fiancé and saying she is “mentally and emotionally stuck in high school.” Dvddym3l agreed, “You look jealous and bitter, and if this was such a problem you should have been talking to her in his face. Not behind his back.”

News week contacted the original poster for comment.

In a somewhat similar case, a bridesmaid was not invited to another wedding after it emerged that she would have to wear black for the ceremony.

Elsewhere, another woman’s place in a marriage has emerged under threat after she refused to dye her hair and cover her tattoos for the service.

A bachelorette party.
Bachelorette Party Stock Photo – Woman found herself uninvited to a wedding because of her actions at the bachelorette party.
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