Internet Star Who Gave Us ‘You Got Cheese’ Viral Meme Dies at Age of 6

Antwain Fowler, the 6-year-old, who is the creator of the viral ‘Where We About To Eat At’ and ‘You Got Cheese’ meme, is no more. Fowler’s Instagram account, which is managed by his mother, broke the unfortunate news. Fowler was battling with a disease called ‘Autoimmune Enteropathy,’ a condition that hinders the body’s ability to absorb nutrition from the food. However, it is not yet confirmed if the disease was the reason for his sad demise. According to the GoFundMe page set up by his mother, Fowler was not able to consume milk and eat solid food like normal children and had to go through roughly 25 surgeries. Breaking the news through the Instagram account, her mother shared a post, which read, “The pain in my heat is like no other. Why God?!” The caption attached to the post said, “Never in a million years. My heart is out of my chest.”

Watch the post here:

Fowler’s progress was being frequently shared by her mother on the page that is being followed by more than 6 lakh people.

This was shared three weeks ago. In the post, Fowler is seen lying on the ICU bed, surrounded by hoards of medical equipment. Yet, despite the horrid surroundings, Fowler is posing with a smile for the camera, showcasing a heart of steel.

take a look:

Fowler’s mother took to her personal account to share the immense grief she is in after losing her son. She, in the post, wrote, “Ever felt lifeless like you cannot go on? I don’t want to be here anymore. This pain is unbearable. That’s my baby! Why me, God?”

People all over the Internet showered their condolences and bereavements and wished that Fowler rested in peace. Likewise, we wish Fowler’s mother all the strength to deal with such a difficult time.

Here are some of the best moments through which Fowler brought a smile to million faces.

The viral ‘Where We About To Eat At?’ meme.

Here’s one where Fowler is vibing on a song.

Here’s another viral ‘You Got Cheese’ video.

The internet will always miss the 6-year-old star. Rust in Vrede!

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