Internet Slams Man Who Teased Sister-in-Law for ‘Sweating Too Much’ on Run

In support of the original poster (OP), the internet slams a man who teased his sister-in-law about “sweating too much” while going on an outdoor run.

In a submission that has gone viral in Reddit’s popular “AmITheA**hole” forum, Redditor u/SoreLoserAITA, outed his brother for making fun of his wife when they went exercising. The popular post has over 15,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

He starts off by explaining that his brother, “Will,” went through a rough divorce and needed to stay with someone until he could get a place of his own, so the Reddit user allowed him to stay with him and his wife, “Irene .” He described his very active brother as a “gym rat” that follows diets and works out constantly. If someone isn’t up to his pace at the gym, he gets upset.

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He wrote, “Will has been pushing Irene to workout with him because, according to him, ‘she won’t be able to keep up with him.’ Irene mostly just shrugs him off with a laugh and tells him she would love to workout with him.”

Thrilled by the idea, Irene begins working out with Will. When exercising alone, Irene gets up in the morning to work out, and then runs at night. Since her work schedule has been hectic, she hasn’t had a strict workout schedule.

One day, Irene and Will decided to go on an early morning run together only for it to cause tension in the house.

“The first thing I heard when Will entered the house was, ‘The only reason I couldn’t keep up with you (Irene) is because you were sweating too much.’ I found this extremely comical, and kinda just laughed him off. Irene rolled her eyes and went to take a shower, so I thought that the conversation would die,” he explained.

Brothers fighting
A Reddit user asked the ‘AmITheA**hole” Reddit forum if he should be considered the a**hole for calling his brother a “sore, slow” loser because he was teasing his wife about “sweating too much” during their outdoor run .
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To make things worse, Will kept talking about OP’s wife and how much she sweats. He would say things including “to make sure she doesn’t sweat through her clothes” or whenever his wife called him, Will would respond with “tell the sweaty b***h I said hi.”

That comment alone made OP even angrier, he thought he ended it when he told him to stop. The line was crossed when Will brought up his wife’s sweat at dinner, reminding her not to sweat into the food.

“At this point, I was at my wits end and I told him to stop acting like a ‘sore, slow (referring to his running pace) loser and eat his food.’ Will, of course got angry, and said the only reason he was going slower than usual was because he was ‘distracted by my wife’s unhygienic sweat.'”

The OP upset Will with his comments, and also potentially caused him to fear being kicked out. The OP also wrote that when he told one of his friends, they agreed with Will, making the storyteller think that he went too far.

The Reddit community was quick to defend the OP in the comments,

U/CakeisaDie received the top comment with 26,000 likes, “NTA. Your mutual friend is an asshole too. When you are a guest, you act polite or you gtfo. I can see why he’s getting divorced if he thinks insulting his hosts is okay .”

The OP responded to the comment, “It rubbed me the wrong way when he insulted her when she was serving him. Like, why would you insult the person that made your food and is currently holding your food?”

“GOOD FOR YOU FOR STANDING UP FOR YOUR WIFE,” u/soundslikemahnamahna exclaimed.

“Soooo Will can make shitty comments about your wife, but you say one thing about him being a sore loser and that’s taking it too far? NTA, and I would tell him to find somewhere else to live. Perhaps in that fantasy land in his mind where women don’t sweat,” u/sponch_cake said.

“NTA. I’m sorry are people.. not supposed to sweat while working out? I’m confused,” u/deathposi commented.

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