Internet Slams Man Who Refuses To Get To Know Younger Half-Sibling

The internet criticized a 35-year-old man by telling him that he was in the wrong for now wanting to get to know his younger half-sibling in a viral post on social media.

In a popular post shared to Reddit’s well-known forum, “AmITheA**hole,” u/vorosis133 posted his story in three paragraphs. Within just five hours, the post has received over 10,000 upvotes and the moderators of the subreddit has paused new comments, leaving it with more than a thousand opinions of Redditors.

He began his post with the backstory of how his parents got divorced and his mother remarried. 14 years later, they happily announced that they were expecting a child together. Recent statistics revealed 45 percent of married couples will get divorced. It was also stated that almost 80 percent of people who ended marriages will get remarried.

“I freaked out,” he began, “Told them there and then that I don’t want to ever be involved in this kid’s life.”

He went on to explain how weird it was for his 42-year-old mother to have another child. The user found it odd that he would have a half-sibling much younger than him, “I found the entire thing disgusting to say the least.”

Once his half-brother got older, around middle-school age, he was very interested into getting to know the original poster (OP). After his mother kept asking for OP to meet his sibling, he finally agreed.

“From our first encounter he basically clinged onto me. For the past 3 years he has constantly tried to make me like and accept him but I just can’t do it,” he confessed, “He’s a nice person and all but I still find my mom’s actions nasty so I involuntarily associate him with that. I can’t help it. I never wanted a sibling.”

When his half-brother came over to his house, he wanted to watch a movie with u/vorosis133. One thing lead to another and the Redditor took his anger out on his sibling, telling him that he didn’t want to be in his life at all. His brother took that to heart and started crying. He admitted that he was being bullied in school and doesn’t have many friends and he didn’t understand why his older brother hated him so much.

“He said that he’s so tired of feeling rejected all the time when all he does is being good to everyone. He said sorry one more time, told me that despite my huge hatred toward him he still loves, admires and respects me a lot, ” he concluded the post, “then he runs out of the house. He hasn’t reached out to me ever since.”

The Reddit community was quick to comment “YTA” and they didn’t hold back,

In a popular comment gaining over 33,000 upvotes, u/JudgeJudAITA stated, “YTA – you are taking your unresolved rage at your mother out on a literal child. Get therapy; figure your own s**t out instead of burying a middle schooler in it.”

u/RecentRegister239 wrote what many people were thinking in a popular comment, “YTA. You’re an adult. He’s a child. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like garbage because of how you feel about your parents’ divorce. I can ‘t even imagine how he must have felt this whole time, trying to be good enough for his older brother. Why even stay in contact with your mother if you were going to emotionally torture her child? Please strongly consider therapy.”

“YTA. Not all families or siblings are close and that’s ok,” u/Excellent-Ostrich908 wrote. “But to be that cruel and nasty to a kid is definitely an AH move. No need to go that far. You’re an adult and you’re acting like a child. I had to double check to make sure I’d gotten your age right…Definite yikes.”

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A Reddit user shared their “AmITheA**hole” post to the discussion board asking if he was considered the a**hole because he didn’t want to have a friendly relationship with his much younger half-sibling.
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