Internet slams dad for a joke about his son at the wedding

The internet has slammed a dad who pulled a ‘mean’ prank on his son at a wedding, which left the offspring hungry.

In a post shared Thursday on the viral u/AmITheA**hole subreddit, the user, who goes by the name cookiesformehehe, asked if he was the bad guy for not having dinner at his cousin’s wedding.

He explained that after receiving the invitation to the wedding at his father’s house, the latter took it upon himself to change his son’s meal choice as a joke. The son also explained that this joke has been going on since he was a teenager and he never found it funny.

The message read: “My cousin got married on Saturday, a few weeks ago, they sent cards to choose our meal. They sent all of ours (dad, mine, sisters) to my father’s house, with a wrap back. The options were steak, chicken, or stuffed portobello mushrooms. I chose steak and specifically told my dad to “just let me eat a fucking steak instead of playing with it” He said “I won’t write anything on your card”.

“Then fast forward to Saturday, everything is going well, the wedding is nice. We sit down to dinner and they give me stuffed mushrooms with vegetarian pilaf. I said ‘there must be a mistake, I’ I selected the beef’. The waiter said the star on my place card meant I ordered vegetarian.”

The son then turned to his father, who confessed that after sending the cards, he called the cousin again and told him that his son had become a vegetarian. Tired of the old joke, the furious son left his entire meal untouched while his father and sister tried to pressure him to “at least try”.

According to statistics from The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $28,000. The average number of guests is 105 people and the median cost of catering is around $75 per person.

The Reddit community was quick to come to her defense, calling out her father for his inappropriate behavior. One commenter, Kris82868, said, “NTA. I have no idea why this is amusing your other family members.” Opposite-Employer-28 commented, “He’s a controlling bully. He’s not going to like it if op has to take care of him in his old age.”

Other users thought it was really unfair that the original poster (OP) remained starving for his father’s amusement. Swedishpunsch said, “Your dad is toxic and mean, OP. You should have had his dinner. I bet he had steak.” StarInkbright added, “Yes. And it’s not a joke unless everyone is laughing. There’s a difference between ‘mean’ jokes where the recipient thinks it’s a big laugh, and ” “mean jokes where the recipient is just miserable.”

While most Redditors criticized the father’s “bullying” behavior, others gave him suggestions on how to behave the next time he shares a meal with his father. PhilosophicalEeyore1 suggested, “The next time you eat with your father, look at his dish with a mischievous smile, as if you’re putting something in his food and tricking him into taking a bite. Do this every time you eat with him. The fifth or sixth time, put soap in his food. It won’t hurt him, but it will taste disgusting. Make it your own tradition.

PortabelloPrince added: “For about a year. Whenever you go to a restaurant with dad, politely excuse yourself to the bathroom after everyone has ordered and talk to the waiter about how your dad would like to replace his previously ordered meal with a plate of mushrooms. Followed by “It’s just mushrooms. It’s not so bad”.

Unhappy adult son feeling irritated after argument
A file image shows a father and son after arguing. The internet has slammed a father who bullied his son into not eating his dinner at his cousin’s wedding.
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