Internet Slam Teen Who Told Woman Her Brother Plans To Dump Her Before He Dies

In a now-viral post, a teenager shared that he told his late brother’s girlfriend that he planned to break up with her before he died.

The anonymous Redditor who only goes through u/throwhonesty67 received over 12,000 votes on his post in the popular “Am I the asshole” subreddit in 18 hours.

The 17-year-old explained that his older brother, 26, died three weeks ago in a car accident. He said the whole family was devastated, but his girlfriend seemed to take it the hardest.

“She hasn’t eaten or showered for an entire week,” the post read. “My parents took her in last week because she couldn’t afford the rent for the apartment she shared with my brother.”

The Redditor said that just before his brother died, he told her he planned to break up with his girlfriend in January.

“I thought it was too much for his girlfriend as she was always the one trying to smooth things over but my brother was in trouble,” he wrote.

The teenager explained that his brother’s girlfriend was “depressed to the point of losing weight” and he could hear her crying several times a day.

“I decided to sit down and tell her what my brother was planning on doing,” the post said. “I didn’t just tell him, I just told him what he told me, but she reacted very negatively.”

He said that after she yelled at him and had a “breakdown”, his parents scolded him and told him he should never have shared that information with her.

“I explained that I felt bad for her and didn’t think it was right for me to hide this important truth from her,” the Redditor wrote. “They told me I had no right and it was not the right time… also said I had only made it worse and tainted my brother’s memory for her and have her even more confused.”

Although his parents punished him, Redditor friends agreed that it was considerate of him to share the information with her.

“I really think I just let her know this because I felt guilty for hiding the truth from her, but I could be TA for what I did,” he wrote.

Users were quick to call out the teenager saying it was reckless of him to share information that he knew would further hurt his brother’s girlfriend.

A comment that received more than 32,700 votes said there was no good reason to share this information with her.

“YTA – What use is this information to her, it would only hurt her more,” the comment read. “She has a right to mourn him. They were still together, and who to tell that they wouldn’t have solved their problems if he had discussed it with her.”

But another important comment came to the Redditor’s defense and said that if people couldn’t see his logic, they were blinded by their emotions. He explained that the Redditor was just trying to let the woman know that there was “no reason for her to ruin her life because of his death, because even if he was alive today, he didn’t. would have been more in his life”.

The comment went on to say that the teenager’s logic was completely normal for someone who “knows nothing about grief or the end of long-term relationships”.

“Although I think his heart was in the right place and his intentions were good, it was obviously a terrible thing to do,” the comment read.

Although he came to his defense, the commenter said he hoped Redditor had learned his lesson and tried “to have more empathy”.

Newsweek contacted u/throwhonesty67 for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

Woman screaming in bed
Commenters have slammed a Reddit user after he said he told his late brother’s girlfriend that he planned to break up with her before he died.
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At the end of last month, Newsweek reported on another viral post where a Redditor was called out in the comments for his bereavement behavior.

In the message, a woman explained that her company had hired a new employee named James. She said James’ wife had died eight months previously but he was still wearing his wedding ring.

“I was a bit confused and I couldn’t resist talking to him about it over lunch break,” the post read. “We spoke and I pointed out that he was being deceitful by still wearing his wedding ring despite being a widower.”

The woman said James was taken aback by his comment, but said he “”gave people the wrong idea or impression of his relationship” because he wore a wedding ring even though he was “technically single” and “alone”.

She said James was visibly upset and said there was no reason to bring up his marital status. She also said that some of her co-workers won’t talk to her now because they “side” with James.

Thousands of users flocked to the post’s comments section and called out Redditor for asking something that was none of their business. One user even called it an “insensitive hole”.

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