Internet Shares Hilarious Hacks on How To Sneakily Leave Work Early

If you’re not quite ready to take Beyoncé’s advice and “Release ya job,” a sneaky hack going viral on Reddit might just make your working day more bearable.

The post, uploaded to the r/antiwork forum on Thursday by a user called reaching-there, was purportedly “found on Twitter” and is a confession with the title “I only come into the office with a laptop.”

The post has had close to 90,000 votes—the vast majority positive—and more than 2,000 comments in a day. It’s no surprise, as the unnamed author’s hack is arguably genius.

They wrote: “I used to bring a backpack but then people can tell when you’re coming into work and when you’re leaving.

“Now I just walk in with my laptop (and maybe a water bottle too) That way people think I’m just coming out of a meeting even if I come into office at 11am. Sometimes I leave home early too around 2 PM walking out with my laptop and people think I must be walking somewhere. Truth is I’m walking to the parking lot to leave.”

The tips didn’t end there. Inspired by the audacious “carrying a laptop” story, other Redditors flocked to the thread to reveal their own or colleagues’ tricks to relax, prevent burnout and, should you be so inclined, avoid work all together.

User biscuitboi967 recalled a previous co-worker who “carried a ‘folio’ everywhere, like he was off to a meeting to take notes. He would also use the internal staircase like he was just going up or down a few floors to a meeting. And I’m sure on occasion he did.

“But another co-worker happened to be running out for coffee at the same time as a ‘meeting’ and saw him walk out the side exit from the stairs (he’d obviously walked down about 15 flights of stairs so she was curious), so she just sort of…followed him.

“Dude walked about a mile to get a fancy muffin. Then to a coffee shop to sit and enjoy his coffee and muffin. She had to come back to the office, and he arrived back from his ‘meeting,’ folio in hand, about an hour later.”

Another Redditor, eggboiiiii, described one colleague who had actually developed a hack to get paid twice for the same hours. He wrote that the “really smart guy” typically “got his work done in a few hours and had nothing else to do the other five.”

One day, another colleague went out to buy coffee and spotted the man working behind the counter at a local pizza place. This co-worker kept the secret, but the man was eventually fired “because he was getting paid a decent salary by the company to work somewhere else.”

The Redditor added: “He got away with it for two years because he had a secluded desk job with a manager in a different state, so no physical oversight. Manager eventually caught on when he wouldn’t answer emails after 12pm.”

Asked why the “really smart” colleague didn’t simply reply to messages on his cellphone, eggboiiiii replied: “We work for the government; we don’t get company phones.”

Stock image of an argument during a meeting. Redditors are marveling at ingenious tricks to get out of the office.


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