Internet searches for mystery owner of lost SD card full of photos from 2008 Beijing Olympics

An internet user who found a lost SD card filled with photos of a man who visited China during the 2008 Beijing Olympics has sparked a global search for the owner.

The user, Luo Xia, posted to the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu, also known as Little Red Book, on Wednesday where he explained that in 2008, he had accidentally taken home an SD card from an internet cafe while watching the Olympic Games.

Several of the photos that Luo shared shows a white man wearing a blue Superman T-shirt and sunglasses. He is also seen wearing a white T-shirt with the Chinese character for “dragon” on the front of the shirt.

“I took someone else’s SD card by mistake while uploading images in an internet cafe,” Luo explained in his post. “I only found out it belonged to a foreigner when I came home; I think he probably had forgotten about his experience in Beijing in 2008.”

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After forgetting about the SD card, Luo discovered the large file of photos 14 years later while sorting through old photographs.

After the post went viral on Weibo, internet users were able to find a Chinese woman who took several photos with the foreigner at the time.

“When I saw my photo appearing on a stranger’s Weibo, oh my god. It was in 2008 and I met the handsome man by chance,” the woman wrote on Weibo.

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She then shared several photos of herself with the man at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The woman expressed hope in reuniting with the stranger in the future.

“Fate is wonderful,” the woman wrote.

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Feature image via Weibo (left) and Weibo (right)

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