Internet rips mail looking for experienced roofer for ‘$7.25/hr, solid’

Thousands of commentators scoffed at an Internet poster after their request for trade work was reposted on a popular Internet forum for a paltry fee.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/antiwork, Redditor shared u/FantaSciFile a screenshot of a Facebook post (with the author’s name removed) looking for an experienced roofer willing to work for the federal minimum wage.

“I am looking for someone to replace some missing shingles,” the message reads.

“Must be licensed, insured, bonded, 10+ years of experience, multiple references I can call to verify quality of work, and willing to take $7.25 per hour, fixed,” it continues .

Titled, “Roofer Wanted. 10+ Years Experience Required. Pays Minimum Wage,” the Reddit post including the screenshot has received more than 43,000 votes and 2,500 comments in the past day.

While the cost of reshingling an entire roof can range between $5,000 and $12,000, the average cost to reshingle an entire roof in 2022 is about $8,500, according to Forbes

Just as the cost of shingles varies based on size and material, labor costs for roofers vary based on experience and the difficulty of a job.

Redditors were outraged after an internet poster offered $7.25 for a roofer to replace shingles.
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ZipRecruiter, a leading job site, reports that the average hourly rate for a roofer in the United States is $20 and usually falls between $15.14 and $22.60.

In 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the median hourly wage for roofers was closer to $23.51, translating to an average annual wage of $48,890.

However, for experienced roofers in states like California, Illinois and New York, the BLS reported that hourly wages can reach $30.47, much higher than what the author of the reposted Facebook post was willing to pay.

The poster’s “fixed” hourly wage of $7.25 equals the federal minimum wage, which hasn’t changed since 2009 despite huge increases in the cost of living across the country.

In the comment section of the viral Reddit post, Redditors pointed out that the hourly wage offered in the Facebook post was much lower than many roofers with more than 10 years of experience would be willing to work for, and expressed their dismay at the idea that any roofer would even consider the offer.

‘Licensed, insured and bonded? For that wage?’ Redditor wrote u/Historical-Shift5782 in a response that has received nearly 5,000 votes.

“Which f*****g does that dip live on?” they wondered.

Redditor u/BrickFlock, whose commentary has received more than 3,000 votes, said they were paid nearly double the current minimum wage as roofers 20 years ago.

“About 20 years ago, I was paid $15.00 an hour with no experience as an 18-year-old to do roofing,” they wrote. “It makes no sense that people are getting paid so little now.”

In a few separate comments, two Redditors made it clear that $7.25 an hour for roofing work is way too low and detailed how they would respond to such an offer.

“I wouldn’t even do it for $20 an hour,” Redditor wrote to u/thurgewd.

“For that price, I’ll add holes in the roof,” Redditor added u/Thicc_Potato13.


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