Internet rages over blind man who claims people are stealing his stuff, scamming him

A Redditor who lost his eyesight at work when “a coworker put his flashlight on my eye, burned my eyes out,” posted a disturbing trend that has become his reality — and the internet is raging on his behalf. The user, known as @eye4eye98 on the forum “True Off My Chest”, detailed experiences as a blind person.

“By being blind I have learned that frankly you are no good,” he wrote. “People are only good if the other person has something to use as an attack on you. You don’t like Dwayne Johnson types, no, you have to steal my shit.”

He continued: “I’m not used to being blind (as in I haven’t been blind much), when I ask for help it’s just a void, when I bump into shit people just laugh at it. Stop you put a hand in my face to test if I’m really blind, I can smell your finger if it went through the toilet paper.”

The Redditor went on to explain why he has to rely on others, even if it’s awkward to say, “American money, I depend on people telling me how much I have because this money can’t tell me how much it is. You know how much I get ripped off? Do you even know the rage?”

The man also once recounted that a man threw his cane and added, “That traumatized me. This man was screaming in my face and I can’t see him and I don’t know if he’s going to hit me.”

Living with vision loss does come with some limitations (at least, according to his account), as the man continued in the comments section.

“I was standing in line at the mall and a guy got mad at me for thinking I was staring at him (also NYC, the classic ‘wha tha f*ck you lookin at’) and I was just there staring into the void with my sunglasses”, he elaborated.

According to the CDC, “approximately 12 million people age 40 and older in the United States have a visual impairment, including 1 million blind, 3 million visually impaired after correction, and 8 million visually impaired as a result of a non- corrected refractive error.”

A blind man on the subway.
A young blind man prepares to board a Denver RTD Light Rail train at Union Station in Denver, Colorado
Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Anyway, the internet came out in droves to support the man.

“F*ck those people and everyone they know. You and the world deserve better,” wrote @inkbladder.

“I’m short, but I want to fight for you against that man. Even if I lose, I can at least tell you what it was like hitting him for coming at you,” said @IYSAforever.

“My husband always says ‘people suck’. Like it’s his only absolute belief about people. I always thought it was so sour to say, blaming his introverted and lonely ways. Lately I’ve come to understand what he means,” added @Consegue.

In the more than 800 comments, it is clear that the man has a good sense of humor and jokes with other Redditors about his situation.

“I tackle my problem with extreme positivity and then people come in with their violins,” he said. “Hey, if anything, I feel sorry for the taxpayers who have to work for me while I keep listening to porn at home.”

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