Internet Praises Man Who Locked Mom Out of House While She Was on Holiday

The internet has sided with a young man who recently changed the door locks to his house to take possession back from his mother and her new family.

In a post shared on Sunday on Reddit, the man, who goes by the username Yes_ISaidThat, explained that when his father died he left all of his assets to him and not a penny to his mother since they weren’t married.

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A stock image shows a door handle and a paid of keys. The internet has sided with a young man who changed the locks in his house to take back possession of his house, which his mom kicked him out of when he was just a teenager.
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He went on to say that when his father died, his mother immediately moved a new man in the house, which now belonged to her son, and after making him feel unwanted for a couple of years she even kicked him out at the age of 17, because she needed to “keep peace at home.”

Recently, Yes_ISaidThat, who has been living with his paternal grandparents since being kicked out of his own house, decided to take back possession of the house, in order to rent it out to pay for his master’s degree.

Further down the post, which has so far reached 17,200 upvotes and over 2,100 comments, he said that when he went to the house to inform them of his decision he found out they were all on vacation, so proceeded to change all the locks.

When his mother came back and found out, she was furious, yelling at him and trying to guilt-trip him into taking a step back by stressing the fact that her stepdaughter, who is 19 is pregnant, but the poster had made up his mind already.

According to data by Smart Stepfamily, non-traditional families in this country have outnumbered traditional ones. There are about 52 percent of married/cohabiting couples where at least one living parent and at least one adult child have a stepkin relationship.

An estimated 113.6 million Americans have a steprelationship. In around 40 percent of married couples with children in the U.S., at least one partner has a child from a previous relationship.

Most users sided with the young man and even gave him some advice on how to act. One user, CelticTigress, said: “OP’s [original poster] mum has some gall. No wonder Dad made sure the will was iron clad. I kind of felt at the beginning OP’s dad was a bit of an AH for not leaving his partner anything, but nope, her behavior speaks for itself.”

Godlyeriss answered: “Yeah and the mother had the audacity to shame OP for kicking her out despite the fact that she kicked him out of his own property at age 17… NTA [Not the A**hole], but the rest of your family are TA and you might want to keep contact minimal…”

Some people speculated on the reasons why the father didn’t leave anything to the woman in the first place. ABeggyChooser said: “I think there is definitely a reason that he 1) didn’t marry her and 2) leave her anything in his will. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wondered if mom would try to replace him and put OP on the back burner.”

Ok-Refuse-5341 said: “He moved in two months after op’s dad’s death, she was having an affair, dad knew f*** her.” And Ordinary_Emotion_933 added: “I feel like the step father was probably in the picture before OPs dad passed.” Schweinelaemmchen wrote: “Well, she had a new boyfriend 2 months after his death. He probably knew she didn’t really love him and was just an entitled gold digger.”

Another user, Mitrovarr, argued that leaving money to a child, and not to the person you’re expecting to raise them, doesn’t work, adding: “It means they can’t actually use the money when they need it the most, and after that it’ll set the child against their caretaker (who is expected to spend a lot of money to raise a child who may well be wealthier than they are). It’s a really bad idea.”

But Mama_Mush answered: “The caretaker is the mother so she has an obligation to raise her child. My son is already wealthier than I am but I don’t expect anything from him that is my duty. Maybe the dad should have set up a child support fund but the mom would probably misuse that.”

Kenda1l added: “Yeah, I highly doubt that even a penny of the money from a child support fund would have actually been spent on OP. It more likely would have gone towards the other kids or more vacations. Or to support the ‘self-employed’ step father.” And FU-and-UR-cat said: “Sometimes it’s better to set up a child’s future and not necessarily their childhood, or in most cases a caretakers lifestyle. The money is for the child when they are grown and know how to use it, not for a caretaker to blow through.”

Newsweek has reached out to Yes_ISaidThat for comment.


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