Internet Laughs As Dog Appears ‘Proud’ After Spotting Itself on Television

An image of a dog with a look of “pure accomplishment” on its face after allegedly viewing itself on television has gone viral on Reddit.

The photo was shared by Reddit user MagnificentArchie, with a caption that read: “Someone is proud of their tv debut!,” in a post that had received 51,300 upvotes at the time of writing.

The picture features a dog shown on a television screen in the background during a segment titled “Dog Walking Forecast,” while allegedly the same dog is seen in the foreground looking directly at the camera snapping its picture.

The original poster said the dog called Olive “likes [to have] her photo taken] and is the pet of a friend who doesn’t have a Reddit account, “so I told her it HAS to go on reddit…Ms. Olive is a starrrr!

“Just pure accomplishment on her face!,” MagnificentArchie said in a later comment.

According to an October 2017 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Behavioural Processes, while domestic dogs “have been found to be skillful at social cognitive tasks and even some meta-cognitive tasks, they have not passed the test of mirror self-recognition (MSR).”

While dogs don’t seem capable of recognizing themselves in a mirror, the study showed they can recognize their own scent.

“Given the role of olfaction in dogs’ social lives, olfactory stimuli are more ecologically relevant to the species than visual stimuli,” said Alexandra Horowitz, the author of the study.

However, dogs are more self-aware than previously thought, according to a February 2021 study in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports, which claimed to show “the first convincing evidence of body awareness” in dogs.

Several users were delighted by the latest image of the “cutest celebrity ever” in the latest Reddit post.

NewOrleansWinters commented: “What a cutie! [floating hearts smiling face emoji],” in a comment that got 311 upvotes.

Apr17F001 exclaimed: “Wha…?!?! That’s adorable! Cutest celebrity ever!,” in a comment that received 224 upvotes.

User ucdxelvis commented: “You’re a star!” and Luvable1 simply noted: “So famous,” in a comment that got 373 upvotes.

DerangedScouring said: “I feel happy just watching this dog,” while user Shot_of_don_julio agreed, stating “same thing LOL [laugh out loud].”

User kylejamesssss said: “Look at the eyes!,” while harshproceedings_64 said: “She’s so precious in and out of the tv.”

User nellieblyrocks420 shared: “That’s how my dogs reacted too! They were all on the cbs dog walk forecast news lol how great is that?! [heart-shaped eyes emoji].”

Two dogs watching other dogs on television.
Two dogs watching a group of other dogs shown on a television screen.
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