Internet is rallying behind woman whose ‘narcissistic’ date said she was ‘too fat’ for him

The internet backed a woman who claimed in a now viral video that she recently dated a man who said she was “too fat” for him.

The video, which can be found here, was posted to TikTok last weekend by Kailee Ross (@kailzbailz). So far, it has received over 748,000 views and over 94,000 likes.

“I think the world needs a little more representation of what dating is going to look like in 2022,” Ross said at the beginning of her video.

She went on to explain that earlier that evening she went on a first date with someone she was “very excited” to meet.

“He was hyped that night too,” she recalls. “He said, ‘I see a lot of potential in this, I can’t wait to meet you.'”

The two met at a local restaurant, but before they even sat down, Ross’ date told her he “felt no connection.”

Ross – confused – offered to leave, but her date insisted they enjoy their meal. So they stayed. Unfortunately things went from bad to worse the moment they reached their table.

“We sit down… I took off my coat and he just looked at me, and he said, ‘Yeah, I thought so… you’re too fat for me,'” Ross said.

Sadly, Ross isn’t the first woman to be called “fat” by a date.

In 2019, a woman named Jade Savage spent $115 traveling from her home in Syston, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, to Peterborough, United Kingdom, to meet a man who said she “would gain a little weight” since they met for the last seen, Insider reports.

Savage promptly left the date and later set up a GoFundMe page to “recoup her travel expenses.”

“Date called me fat and was insulted when I told him he was rude and acting like an ap***,” according to the GoFundMe description, according to Insider.

“I just want to recoup my £90 travel money so I can buy wine and lard sticks,” the description continued.

The “Fundraiser” got underway and Savage received over $1,000 from online strangers.

“I think my story has touched a lot of women,” Savage said at the time. “I’ve had loads of messages from women on the page saying, ‘I love it, this is brilliant.'”

Ross also received a lot of support from online commentators.

“You dodged a bullet. You’re beautiful,” Vanessa Dixon said.

“That’s a weird way to mispronounce ‘fantastic’, but it happens! Stay fantastic and good luck out there!” diannaleewolf encouraged.

“He’s too inadequate for YOU. You’re beautiful and (obviously) you don’t need that in your life,” wrote Seeking Serotonin.

“Bye girl! He’ll be alone [for] the rest of his life. You’re beautiful,” said Matt Mathews.

Mace Quail added: “The whole idea of ​​saying he doesn’t feel it and then wants to go on with the date sounds like a narcissistic move.”

Meanwhile, me88writes offered, “I’m so sorry this happened. It’s unbelievable, this kind of lack of decency. People have gone crazy. Luckily he showed his colors quickly.”

Angry woman on a date
The internet backed a woman who claimed in a now viral video that she recently dated a man who said she was “too fat” for him.

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