Internet is gushing over this video of a “traffic jam” made by elephants

Internet is gushing over this video of a 'traffic jam' made by elephants

We are tired of traffic jams all over the world. But what if you come across some kind of traffic jam that you like? That sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But listen. Recently, the internet has been buzzing about a “traffic jam” that everyone would love to witness. If that confuses you, let’s clarify. We are not talking about city roads full of motor vehicles. We refer to a wildlife video tweeted by Parveen Kaswan, an Indian forestry officer. He posted a clip of an elephant and its calf crossing a forest trail in broad daylight. The 21-second video was titled, “Some Traffic Jams Are Good.” It has been viewed more than 29,000 times.

Here’s how the internet reacted to this adorable elephant duo. One Twitter user wrote: “Cute traffic jam.”

Another commented, “I’ll love this traffic jam.”

Many were so mesmerized by the view that they called it a “blessing.” Here is such a note:

One person remembered his previous encounter with elephants. He wrote: “During my trip to Rajaji Tiger Reserve on Feb. 20, an elephant attacked our group. Calling it a “roller coaster ride,” he added: “The driver responded quickly and immediately reversed the car.”

Elephants migrating through forests is quite a rare sight. A while back, a video went viral showing a herd of elephants whose path was blocked by a concrete wall along the track. To reach the other side of the forest, they had to walk over the track.

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