Internet helps JJ Watt settle donut debate with Zach Ertz

The Arizona Cardinals defensive end is asking for a ruling on if he has the appropriate argument during a debate about donut etiquette.

PHOENIX — It’s the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and Arizona Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt is finishing up some off-season training work with a few of his teammates.

He’s getting in some final reps to wrap up the week, but before he called it a week, he turned to Twitter for help to solve a debate with his teammate, tight end Zach Ertz. 

According to a video posted by Watt on Friday morning, he mentioned that Ertz was bringing in donuts for the team’s strength coach and asked Watt what flavors Watt liked. In the video, Watt said he liked the pink frosted and maple glazed.

Watt goes on to say Ertz showed up with the donuts Friday morning, but no pink frosted or maple glazed.

So what is the issue?

After this donut debacle, Watt wanted to know if he had any right to be upset that Ertz didn’t bring any of the donuts he liked. Bearing in mind that he was grateful for the free food.

So, as Watt does, he turned to Twitter for a verdict.

The Arizona Cardinals Twitter even helped facilitate the debate.

And “Donutgate” was born.

Ertz took to Twitter later Friday to defend his decision.

“JJs first request, “pink/strawberry”, wasn’t even on the online ordering menu,” Ertz tweeted. “Therefore the rest of his order was disregarded.”

And the verdict?

There is no clear winner in this dount debate as there are intense camps on both sides. The internet had strong support for each answer as the Twitter replies piled up on Watts tweet.

Where do you stand on this argument? Let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #BeOn12.

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