Internet goes wild over un-gettable hidden picture made for kids – can you crack it?

A children’s activity book exercise has gone viral after leaving many people scratching their heads.

It asks those playing to find a number of objects within a larger image, though one object proved more evasive than others, causing some to feel swindled by the kids game.

Within an image of a turtle reading a book about turtles, the puzzle requires six objects to be found – a banknote, a ladybug, a cucumber, a squirrel, a picnic basket, and a very difficult to find crescent moon.

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“When you can’t find the moon in your toddler’s activity book. I swear they forgot to add it,” one parent captioned the image on Reddit, opening the challenge up to netizens.

“It’s almost embarrassing how long my husband and I looked and we still couldn’t find it,” one Reddit user wrote on the forum filled with over 2000 comments.

A children’s activity book game has left parents scratching their heads, calling the exercise a ‘cruel’ challenge for kids. Credit: Reddit

You’ll find the answer below if you feel like having a go.

However, many expressed disappointment after eventually finding the moon, commenting that it was not exactly the same as the image in the key, that it was unfair to place the image upside down, and that it was too difficult for children.

“To be honest, the curve of the moon in the examples is significantly more pronounced than the one by the finger, so it’s totally fair you didn’t see it. I wouldn’t have either,” one user wrote.

“I couldn’t get it. Stupid to have it essentially upside down,” another wrote.

“Cruel to do that to a kid though. Whoever drew this has some issues,” another wrote.

“I was going to joke that they clearly must be looking at it during the daytime because of the sun in the window and they should try looking at night when the moon comes up,” another wrote.

“I saw it and was like ‘no surely not’ and kept looking,” another wrote.

* Answer: the moon is located on the turtle’s right hand.

Answer: the moon is located on the turtle’s right hand. Credit: Reddit

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