Internet drags employee for insulting former colleague in fiery texts

The internet quickly sparked immature behavior after a poster shared a screenshot of abusive text messages they received from a former colleague in a recent viral post.

In a Reddit post titled, “I recently left a toxic job and one of my former co-workers is a little crazy,” Reddit user u/MetatronMusic describes their decision to resign and the explosive aftermath of that decision. Posted on Reddit’s popular r/antiwork forum, the viral post has received more than 20,400 votes in just one day.

The texts you/MetatronMusic shared explained that they had recently passed their two week notice to their employer and started with a simple message from a now former colleague: “Thank you.”

“What for?” the Redditor asked.

“F*****g during my weekend off,” responded their disgruntled colleague.

Speak with news week, u/MetatronMusic revealed they were forced to quit their jobs by another colleague who repeatedly made racist and sexist comments. The Redditor added that they worked in the food industry and said a heated discussion on their penultimate day led them to stop a day before their last scheduled shift.

In the text messages in the original Reddit post, you/MetatronMusic expressed regret that they left a day earlier, but explained that they couldn’t stand being around their colleague for another day. With a series of insults to the original poster, the texting employee was less than understanding.

“You had one day left but decided to fuck everyone else,” they texted. “We’re glad you left.”

“Great sounds like it worked out for everyone,” the Redditor responded.

‘Except for you. You will fail,” their colleague claimed.

Argument from food industry workers
A Redditor shared explosive text messages they received from a co-worker after they quit their job a day before their two-week notice expired.
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Amid a massive layoff phenomenon dubbed “The Great Resignation,” American workers are quitting at a rate never seen before. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4.5 million U.S. workers have quit their jobs — the highest number since the agency began collecting data in 2000.

While much of the talk surrounding The Great Resignation has centered on the dismissal of workers for a myriad of reasons, including low pay, lack of benefits, and poor work-life balance, less has been said about workers living in have remained in their current position.

In a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employees who stayed on the job reported experiencing an increased workload to account for co-workers’ layoffs. According to the SHRM survey, 52 percent of employees who chose to stay in work have had to take on more work and responsibilities, and 30 percent of those employees said they struggled to get the work done.

During The Great Resignation, 28 percent of employed workers reported feeling more lonely at work, 27 percent said they feel less loyal to their employers, and 55 percent now wonder if their wages are high enough. is.

Despite the data collected by SHRM, Redditors commenting on the viral post showed little sympathy for the upset colleague who told you/MetatronMusic they were going to fail.

In the post’s top comment, which has received 7,000 votes, Redditor u/Goateed_Chocolate noted that the text message colleague’s messages were inaccurate, calling them hypocrisy.

“‘You f****d on my weekend… I’m glad you left,” they wrote derisively. “Yes, that makes sense.”

Many Redditors called the fellow immature and a handful of NSFW names, defending the original poster’s decision to leave early and berating the angry response.

Redditor u/SnooGoats625 assured u/MetatronMusic that they made the right decision.

“It sounds like you made the right decision by not working there for a day,” they wrote.

In a lengthy response, Redditor told u/BlobTheBuilderz a similar experience to that of the original poster, advising employers to use strategies to prevent such situations from ever occurring.

“What about coworkers who are mad at coworkers for leaving? I work my scheduled hours until the tee and I leave and others complain that I’m not a team player,” they wrote. “Hire more staff if you have too much work for the team you have.”

“Instead, it’s less staff and a greater workload to save money,” she added.

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