Internet criticizes mother for not paying for chores

The internet rebuked a mother who laughed at her daughter for asking if she could be paid to do the dishes.

In a post that has gone viral on the infamous Reddit forum, “AmITEA**hole,” u/Late-Raise9846 asked the community if they were being too harsh or on the right track.

In a survey conducted in 2019, two-thirds of parents give their children money in the hopes that they will learn a positive lesson when it comes to chores. According to the survey, the average allowance for children is $30 per week.

The Redditor is a single mother, raising her two children, ages eight and fifteen. One evening, the daughter went to the OP (aka the original poster) to ask if she could be paid to do the dishes. The OP laughed which made the girl scream.

Mother and daughter fighting
A Redditor has asked the “AmITheA**hole” community if she should be considered the a**hole for laughing at daughter when she asked if she could be paid for washing dishes.
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“I told her she could be paid if she reimbursed me for all the food and clothes I bought for her and for providing her with free housing. She got mad at me and went to her room,” she explained. .

The Redditor’s other kid said the mom may have been “too harsh” and it seems thousands of Reddit users agreed.

“You are legally and morally obligated to give her those things. An allowance for chores is great if it fits within the budget. It gives an older child some pocket money and they can learn how to manage money,” wrote u/Aunty_Fascist in the top commentary with 18,000 upvotes.

Responding to the comment above, u/throwaboato said, “To say that children have to pay you back for providing the basics of life is to say outright that you hate their existence.”

“You could have handled this in so many ways. Tell her you can’t afford her, tell her that all household chores are the responsibility of everyone who lives in the house, tell her you’d be happy to help her find a job that she can do outside the home to earn some money But tell her that her chores REFUND you because you are her mother?

The mother received little support as the comments continued.

“Do you think your kid should pay you back for the SMALL MINIMUM? Food? Clothes? Housing? You brought this person to life for God’s sake,” you wrote/outfluenced.

“You could have used this as an opportunity to have a mature conversation about finance,” noted U/Proscuitto1. “Instead you mocked your child and threw in their face that they are a burden. I’m sure she looked at it that way. You are the one who chose to bring children into the world. You owe them everything and they are nothing to you.”

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