Internet criticizes man for telling teenage sister her leg hair is ‘coarse’

A woman has been praised for hitting back at her brother-in-law after he branded her leg hair “nasty.”

The teen shared the family drama on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, under username Hortenhearsawho1, explaining that her sister, 28, and husband, 33, were joining her parents for dinner.

The 19-year-old wrote: “I watched my nieces prepare dinner, we sat down and I happened to be sitting next to my brother-in-law. I was wearing a skirt and it was accidentally lifted above my knee, my brother in law looked at my leg and made [a] face then loudly said ‘Oh shoot, Op! This is disgusting, you should have shaved, that hair shouldn’t be there’

“Everyone was staring, I told him ‘if it’s not supposed to be there, why is it growing there, can you explain?’ He was like ‘it’s just not supposed to be there,’ I point to his mustache and say ‘well, I guess the same can be said about your little mustache, huh?’ He looks at me with wide eyes and an awkward silence takes over, although some laughed.”

She said he got up to go to the bathroom while she and her other siblings giggled.

“My sister followed and I heard he collapsed and asked her if there was anything wrong with his mustache,” Hortenhearsawho1 added.

Despite his initial comments, she claims she had to apologize for what she said to her brother-in-law, who she said in the comments is a police officer.

“Later I was scolded by my sister who said I was crossing the line and disrespecting someone older than me, who is her husband, and demanded that I apologize to him for insulting him and ruining dinner,” she said.

The post, shared on Sunday, has garnered nearly 20,000 votes and Hortenhearsawho1 has added an edit clarifying why her brother-in-law became so upset.

She said: “My sister said the reason my brother-in-law was so offended was because he sees his mustache as a symbol of his ‘manliness’ and that’s why I insulted his ‘manliness’ and not just made a ‘retarded remark’. ‘

“She said I’ve hurt him psychologically and I have to apologize for that, but I’m not sure if this solves anything other than how he feels about his mustache.”

Countless people sided with the teenager. Chaosandpuppies wrote, “Anyone who says leg hair ‘shouldn’t be there’ as a method of shaming women into conforming to ridiculous beauty standards is always, always the AH.NTA. I bet his mustache looks ridiculous. “

HelianthusAnnus917 wrote, “I just feel sorry for his daughters who 1) will have to deal with his misogyny, and 2) have to look at that mustache every day…”

QuackLikeMe commented, “Damn if he’s so sensitive about his mustache, he really shouldn’t be commenting on other people’s looks. NTA.”

MamaUrsus thought, “This guy is basically the definition of fragile masculinity. Good for OP to stand up for themselves and inadvertently confront this sexist guy with those problems in himself. NTA.”

AdrianeKay commented, “Ew. The physical manifestation of toxic masculinity itself! Tell him leg hair in women is natural and legal. And being a creepy pervert staring at legs isn’t.”

NUT-me-SHELL added, “NTA. He got what he deserved. And your sister should be ashamed of being married to such an ignorant bastard.”

While it’s not clear where the family is based, a survey by YouGov conducted last year found that two-thirds, 64 percent, of Brits found it unappealing for women to have hairy legs.

That figure was slightly higher for all male respondents, at 66 percent, although women who shared the same opinion were close behind, with 62 percent saying leg hair is unattractive to their gender.

The group with the greatest dissatisfaction with women with hairy legs were men between the ages of 40 and 59, with 73 percent of respondents reacting negatively.

news week has contacted Hortenhearsawho1 for comment.

File photo of a hairy leg.
File photo of a hairy leg. A man has been criticized for making comments about his teenage sister’s body hair.
Anastasiia Babakova/Getty Images

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