Internet backs mother whose teenage stepson flushed infant formula for revenge

A frustrated woman took to Reddit after an argument broke out between her and her 16-year-old stepson. The post has since gone viral, garnering 10,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments. Now readers are weighing in on the aftermath of the incident, which involves not only the Redditor and her stepson, but the potential health and well-being of the woman’s baby girl as well.

The 37-year-old anonymous, known only as u / Some-Issues3765, explained in her post that she had been married to her husband for three years. Her husband has a teenage son, Thomas, from a previous relationship, and he and the Redditor share a six-month-old baby. She added that Thomas can be “stubborn and cranky at times” and that because her husband often travels for work, she “[handles] all around the house. “

The incident started when Thomas recently asked his mother-in-law if he could throw a party at their house. She added in her post that he planned to invite more than 16 people.

“I discussed it with his father and we said no because we have a newborn baby in the house and having more than 16 people at the same time was not [safe]The Redditor wrote. However, the stepson didn’t make his decision very well.

“Thomas had a temper tantrum and kept insisting that he had already sent out invitations, but I told him it was his fault before consulting us,” she said. declared. “He remained upset and stopped eating for [two] days.”

Soon things got out of hand. “Yesterday morning I noticed that my daughter’s formula was missing,” u / Some-Issues3765 explained. “I looked everywhere but once I got into the bathroom there were traces of it on the floor. I was stunned.”

“I asked Thomas what had happened and he and with a straight face said he had thrown everything in the toilet for revenge and only me for forbidding him to party,” he said. -she writes.

Formula is coveted and losing it can be stressful. In addition to depriving the newborn baby of food for a period of time, the act has financial repercussions that can be difficult to manage. According to the United States Office of the Surgeon General, by Parents, the cost of infant formula for the first year of a child ranges from $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 in the United States.

The Redditor said she tried to explain to her stepson that the decision was made jointly by her and her father, but despite everything he accused her of “[influencing] to her dad to say no. “At this point u / Some-Issues3765 said she” had lost [her] temper.”

“I told him that he should never have touched anything related to his sister and that his food, his comfort, [and] health is where the line is drawn, ”said the Redditor. “He tried to make the point that he wasn’t looking to hurt her, but to hurt me through her. I told him I was tired of his irresponsible attitude and told him to pack his bags and get ready to go to his mother’s house. “

When she and her stepson arrived at her mother’s house, even more drama ensued. She was not interested in punishing her son for the act and “begged” the Redditor to keep the incident a secret from Thomas’ father. Meanwhile, the wife, of course, wanted to tell her husband what had happened.

Readers were quick to weigh in on the situation and express their support for the Redditor. “You are NTA. [He’s] clearly learned to play his parents against each other, and it’s completely crazy that his mother says you can’t discipline him because you’re not his parent, “u / 1800TurdFerguson commented.

“NTA! Tell his father! He has to learn that hurting the baby to hurt you is fucked up, he has to realize that his actions are not limited to the effect he wants and have consequences” , echoed u / drezetvcxfvfa.

Others have expressed concern that the stepson’s actions suggest a worrying trend that could worsen in the future. “Next time he could directly injure the baby,” u / chi_lawyer wrote. “I wonder if he should be allowed to be around the baby, which means he may have to stay with mom indefinitely.”

News week contacted u / Some-Issues3765 for comment.

Formula shelves
A mother took to Reddit to discuss her stepson’s retaliation for not allowing him to throw a party. Empty shelves of infant formula in a supermarket in Sydney, Australia.
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