Internet Applauds Kate Middleton ss She’s Spotted Boarding Economy Flight

Kate Middleton is being praised online after being filmed flying economy with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte.

Caught on camera by TikToker @turbom1k3y on August 22, the Duchess of Cambridge is being applauded for her decision to “keep it simple” in light of the climate and cost of living crises. At the time of writing, the post has received almost 125,000 likes and hundreds of shares.

A number of celebrities have come under fire this summer for their private jet use. Earlier this week, director Stephen Spielberg was criticized by fans for burning $116,000 in jet fuel in just two months, despite his previous work to help combat climate change.

In July, research by UK-based digital marketing company Yard revealed Taylor Swift to be the biggest private plane polluter, topping a list of celebrities including Jay-Z and Floyd Mayweather.

Despite not currently touring, Swift has racked up 170 flights so far in 2022, totaling 8,300 metric tons of greenhouse gasses. Like Spielberg, the pop star has also spoken out against climate change.

A representative for Swift slammed the study, releasing a statement that claimed Swift’s high number of air miles is due to her loaning her private plane out to others. Of course, the internet responded with memes.

Kylie Jenner was also recently condemned on social media after the reality TV star reportedly used her private plane for a three-minute trip.

internet Applauds Kate Middleton Boarding Economy Flight
(From left to right) Queen Elizabeth II, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince William and Kate waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the end of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant in London, June 5, 2022. The Duchess was praised for choosing a more low-cost, environmentally-friendly way to travel.

‘Just a mum taking her children on holiday’

Holding Charlotte’s hand, in the clip Kate can be seen walking away from the just-landed plane, followed by Louis and a nanny. The small group is surrounded by security as they headed for the terminal.

Sharing further details of the sighting in the comments, turbom1k3y wrote: “Could get a private jet or helicopter but keeping it simple. Flying economy.

“She was very discreet while looking stunning.”

Talking about how down to earth the royal was, the poster said: “She even got up half way through the flight to get her daughters IPAD.

“Just a mum taking her children on holiday to see grandmother but there was a buzz onboard.

“It will stick with me for a while.”

Praising the royal for choosing the low-cost, environmentally-friendly option, user104231171676 said: “I mean fair play to them for flying economy cause they don’t have to.”

Sips chair agreed, writing: “Royals can fly commercial but random celebs think they’re so important they have to pollute with their private jets?”

“Love Kate Middleton, she seems to get everything right all the time,” commented EllisaHagueOriginal.

While kytoks178 said: “Lovely to see royalty living in the real world. Good on her #respect.”

Newsweek, which could not verify the details of the post, has reached out to @turbom1k3y for comment.

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