Interface Masters Networking Hardware Solutions Set New Standard for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Offload Processing

SAN JOSE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Interface Masters announces a new standard in computer offload processing hardware for artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning applications.

All Interface Masters hardware is safely designed and manufactured in the USA with OEM branded solutions designed and tested to precise customer requirements and ready for OEM customer intelligent software.

“The era of mass data acquisition and machine learning has arrived. This new era calls for both significant opportunities and risks. Safely designed and manufactured equipment is now mission critical and producing advanced AI-based equipment overseas is no longer a safe option, ”said Ben Askarinam. “The hardware designed and manufactured by Interface Masters in the United States is never compromised and guarantees breakthrough solutions for compute-intensive applications. Let us know if we can design your next artificial intelligence or machine learning hardware platform.

Interface Masters currently offers two offload processing options, its proprietary Intel® Xeon®-D-based DataSlammer ™, as well as several out-of-the-box Nvidia® GPUs help ensure system performance and allow the CPU to perform critical functions without interruption.

The latest AI-based offering is capable of offloading the data transfer calculated by 2,496 TFLOPs (one teraflop, TFLOP, processes one trillion floating point operations per second).

Long product life cycle

Interface Masters network appliances and switches benefit from a long product lifecycle, allowing continuity through all phases of product deployment and maintenance.

Designed and made in the USA / About us

For more than 26 years, Interface Masters Technologies has provided innovative, customized, out-of-the-box networking solutions to OEMs, Fortune 100 companies and startups. Based in Silicon Valley, we proudly design and manufacture all products here. Based on MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, x86 processors and switching matrices up to 12.8T, the Interface Masters appliance models allow OEMs to significantly reduce time to market. All solutions are reliable, pre-tested, pre-integrated and support a seven-year lifecycle. Learn more about Interface Masters:

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