Innovation for Public Service Transformation

The collision of innovation and public service is where the BiiG Network has always played and this year is no exception.

BiiG2022 ‒ Transforming the public service – brings together a remarkable and diverse collection of practitioners, thinkers and leaders for whom the idea of ​​transformation guides their work and fuels their commitment to public service. We have assembled a group of people who are constantly testing their own practice against this year’s big themes: people, practice, innovation and performance.

The 2022 conference will be co-hosted by Wayne Gerard, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur who, in addition to his role throughout the conference, will moderate two sessions, one titled “Government and start-ups: opposites or an opportunity” and the other a “hot seat” leadership and curious problem-solving workshop.

Opening the conference is Beth Noveck. One of the world’s leading writers and practitioners of public innovation, Beth leads the GovLab’s work on solving public problems and leads the State of New Jersey Innovation Team. She will talk about new approaches to solving public problems and offer “a practical guide to fixing our government and changing our world.”

On the other end, our closing speaker is Dr. Jason Fox (aka The Wizard), who will walk us through the story of how we can all “make intelligence happen.”

In the meantime, we will hear:

  • Mikaela Jade, Cabrogal Woman, co-founder and CEO of award-winning company Indigital, developing innovative ways to digitize and translate the knowledge and culture of remote and ancient communities. Eighty percent women and indigenous, digital works of the country. Mikaela is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Future Council on Augmented and Virtual Reality.
  • Sally Washington, who led the policy project in the New Zealand civil service and spent over seven years at the OECD advising government leaders around the world on practice and policy reform. Sally now heads the ANZ School of Government in New Zealand.
  • Jordan O’ReillyCEO of HireUp and one of Australia’s most successful social entrepreneurs, pioneering new digital platforms to connect people with disabilities and carers with dignity, choice and power.
  • Saw Tranchief evangelist and co-founder of Go1, founded in Queensland, which has grown into a billion dollar company with clients in over 18 countries ranging from TikTok, Qantas, major banks, government and partnerships with Adobe, Meta and Microsoft.
  • Professor Toby Lowevisiting professor of public management at the Center for Public Impact, and pioneer of human learning systems or, as he describes it, “public service for the real world.”
  • Doctor Catherine Ballscientific futurist, advisor, author, founder, executive producer and executive director working on global projects where emerging technologies meet humanitarian, educational and environmental needs.

Queensland’s public sector leaders will also speak, including the head of the Premier’s and Cabinet’s Queensland Department Rachel Hunter; Queensland Under-Treasurer Leon Allen and Queensland Treasury Corporation Chief Executive Philip Noble.

And there are many more, including wonderful breakout sessions led by our partners and sponsors, details of which can be found in our online programme.

While we are delighted that all of these people have accepted our invitation, the point is not to marvel and admire (although we do) but to engage and learn. The point of the BiiG2022 “faculty” is the collective intelligence and practical wisdom they bring from a base of experience that not only informs their own work, but also the advice and guidance they can offer to our participants.

They will tell their stories, offer advice, answer questions and bring the discussion directly to the operational reality of today’s public sector.

As always at BiiG, there will be theory and reflection, tons of practice, and a chance to not just listen, but capture ideas that will speak directly to the contemporary world of utility innovation.

Two themes have recurred throughout BiiG’s annual conferences over the past few years, and they will be true again in April.

The first is the the importance of public service and the value and pride of good government well done. The past two years in particular have reinforced the role that good policies and well-designed and effectively delivered public services play when the watchwords are safety, resilience and a shared sense of purpose. And they also matter when sustainability and inclusive growth drive recovery, investment and jobs.

The second theme is innovation and the constant search to embed deeply into the practice of good public service the search for better ways to solve problems to help people and communities prosper.

Each of the conference sessions, in its own way, will combine these two themes over the two days of the conference, resulting in a rich reservoir of ideas and insights that will spark as much discussion and thought as they do. will offer practical advice.

Don’t miss it.

The BiiG Network is an internal Queensland Government network, hosted by Queensland Treasury.

The 2022 event is organized in collaboration with the Queensland Chief Contractor.

Queensland Treasury Corporation and Go1 are the main partners.

Mandarin is an exclusive media partner.

Registration is now open for the live event (in person). Virtual Passes are also available across Australia.


Rebecca and Martin work together to carefully organize the BiiG conference program.

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