Informatica Unveils Program to Launch Modern Cloud Analytics on Azure

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management company, has partnered with Microsoft Azure to establish a joint Modern Cloud Analytics program.

We hope this will provide customers with one of the fastest, cheapest, and lowest risk paths to modernize PowerCenter ETL and on-premises data warehouses to Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloudä (IDMC) on Azure and Azure Synapse Analytics.

This offering is available on the Azure Marketplace, enabling customers to streamline procurement and meet their financial obligations with Informatica solutions on Azure.

Available to joint Microsoft and Informatica PowerCenter customers migrating their on-premises data warehouse and ETL workloads to IDMC on Azure and Azure Synapse Analytics, the Modern Cloud Analytics program includes:

– Informatica’s Migration Factory for Informatica PowerCenter customers that automates 90% of existing data integration mappings to IDMC on Azure and Azure Synapse Analytics.

– Free access to cloud data warehousing and cloud data management experts from both Microsoft and Informatica to guide customers through best practices and ensure successful migrations.

– Microsoft and Informatica financial incentives for software and professional services that significantly reduce migration costs.

– The ability to purchase IDMC through the Azure Marketplace, allowing customers to apply their full IDMC subscription to their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment agreement.

Amit Walia, CEO, Informatica, said: “We are excited to enhance our Microsoft integration with our new joint modern cloud analytics program and provide our customers with a seamless, streamlined and financially attractive program to migrate and modernize mission-critical data workloads to the cloud …with Microsoft.

“As we continue to help our customers in their digital transformation, we are focused on delivering a cloud data management platform that helps our customers reshape their businesses in incredibly innovative ways.”

Scott Guthrie, executive VP Cloud + AI, Microsoft, said, “Microsoft and Informatica share a cloud-first vision and are committed to helping our customers accelerate their cloud migration journey.

“The alliance of Informatica’s rich data integration capabilities and Microsoft Azure’s unified analytics platform gives customers a faster path to the benefits of cloud analytics.”

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