If Shiba Inu Can Reach $0.00001 Then, Bitgert Might Hit $50B Marketcap

by Analytics Insight
March 1, 2022


Bitgert has proven to be superior in terms of product delivery and the quality of these products.

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still causing ripples across the crypto industry. The idea that blockchain users can now trade on a blockchain that costs them zero gas fee is exciting to many. That’s why Bitgert has been skyrocketing non-stop since the BRC20 blockchain was launched.

But the question of where Bitgert might reach in terms of price and market capitalization growth is now arising. This is in comparison to some of the biggest cryptocurrencies that have so far been proven inferior to Bitgert. Shiba Inu is one of them. Read more about why Bitgert might hit a $50B market cap.


When compared with most of the cryptocurrencies doing very well in the crypto market, Bitgert has proven to be superior in terms of product delivery and the quality of these products. The Bitgert blockchain is one product that has shown how powerful this project is. The chain has eradicated the big problem of the costly gas fee as well as providing the fastest chain right now.

With that, Bitgert has the potential to hit $50B with the current development. This is the only gasless blockchain in the market, and at the same, it has also managed to offer the fastest chain. The quality of the projects, like the Startup Studio and the upcoming CEX, is superb and will increase Bitgert chain adoption. Bitgert is far more superior than Shiba Inu, and if Shiba Inu can reach $0.00001, then Bitgert has got nothing to prevent it from hitting a $50B marketcap.


The Centcex project will continue to attract the crypto community because of its exciting features. Centcex is on the list of the crypto projects that are designed to make investors rich and, at the same time, solve key blockchain problems. The Centcex team is developing an unlimited number of products that solve major problems in the industry, including security and user experience.

Therefore, this is a platform that will attract millions of blockchain users. With a huge collection of products and millions of users, Centcex will generate a lot of revenue. With staking rewards being 100% APY, Centcex will be one of the best rewarding platforms. It might outperform the Shiba Inu market cap.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu team has been achieving a lot in developing products for its ecosystem. Since the coin started transforming from a meme coin to a more utility token, the team has been working on a range of products. The ShibaSwap is up and working, and more products are coming. Important to note is the Shiberse, which is an upcoming metaverse product.

But Shiba Inu is still miles behind Bitgert in product delivery. In fact, it will take some time to reach Bitgert’s products delivery. This includes building its own blockchain, which has not yet been mentioned by the Shiba team. Therefore, the adoption of the Bitgert project might outperform Shiba Inu, especially with the launch of the upcoming CEX.

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