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IBM has unveiled IBM® z16™, an innovation designed to enable customers to analyze real-time transactions at scale.

According to the company, its product has an integrated on-chip AI accelerator that delivers latency-optimized inference, adding that the innovation is best for mission-critical workloads such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions.

In a statement, General Manager, IBM Africa Growth Markets, Julia Carvalho, said: “IBM z16 is a vital component for organizations across the African continent as they accelerate their journey to digital transformation.

“By simplifying hybrid cloud adoption, modernizing applications, and keeping data safe, encrypted and resilient, customers can have the cloud they want with the privacy and security they need. IBM z16 delivers breakthrough technologies for AI and cyber resilience, making it a critical platform for any digital transformation.”

The company added: “For the first time, banks can analyze fraud during transactions at scale: IBM z16 can process 300 billion inference requests per day with just one millisecond of latency.

“For consumers, this could mean less time and energy needed to handle fraudulent transactions on their credit card. For both merchants and card issuers, this could mean a reduction in lost revenue, as consumers can avoid the frustration associated with false refusals where they could turn to other cards for future transactions.

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